I'm sure you'll agree there's nothing sweeter than beating the bookie by backing the race winner. However, if you're like most the winners are probably few and far between. Even if you are getting regular winners I bet the losers are only keeping you afloat or at worst slowing sinking your hard earned betting bank.

Hi, I'm Malcolm and I have always been fascinated in Horse Racing and finding a winning strategy that would allow me to make a great income from my betting activity.

After reading many books regarding horse racing, how stats/ratings etc have a huge effect on finding a potential winner and what to really look out for I decided to investigate deeper to see if there was a way to access the vital information and make everything as automated as possible so as not to miss anything by human error.

After many months of gruelling work I finally completed my own handicap system which provides ratings of more than 10 different aspects to a race, and ultimately enables me to select which horse is likely to perform the best!

As I write the profits just continue to grow.

I know that's all well and good for me as most of the development has been done behind closed doors but being a person not wanting to sell a service without adequate and professional proofing I contacted the BetFan Group who started proofing my Win Bet selections at the start of September 2016.

Check Out Our All Time Proofing!

That's +571.57 points between September 2016 and September 2019

Do you like what you see?

Full Proofing information is available from September 2016.

That's an incredible amount of £££'s in the back pocket even if you only bet at £10 a point! Where else will you get a return on your money like that?

I specialise in handicap races only and all selections will be WIN bets. The staking will be either 1pt, 3pts or very rarely 5pts depending on the strength of the bet.

Selections are generally sent between 11am and 12pm as viewing the odds movement is one of the ratings factors I consider.

Some of My Recent Winners Include...

  • Essenaitch 6.00
  • Duke Cass 3.50
  • Chakisto 6.00
  • Ferryview Place 3.75
  • Skidby Mill 6.50
  • Miss Oscars 6.50
  • Winning Spark 4.00
  • Unify 3.50
  • Towerlands Park 3.75
  • Desert Strike 4.50

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  • 90 Days Membership is £76.05 (£25.35 per month)
  • 6 Months Membership is £128.00 (£21.33 per month) *Best Value

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This saves you a massive £34.00 over paying a monthly subscription.
Well worth considering!

Thanks for your time and interest. I look forward to welcoming you aboard very soon.

Please Note: Alll prices are exclusive of VAT. Purchases made from EU countries will be charged VAT at the relevant rate.