Thank you for dropping by and giving JTC Racing these valuable moments of your time.

Hi, my name is James and I'm truly grateful that you're here to see what my racing service has to offer. I really do hope that JTC Racing ticks all the boxes for you and you allow me to share my selections with you each day.

Am I Qualified To Help You Win At The Races?

To answer that question I can only begin by letting you know a few things about me and why I am here today.

Well here goes... I've been extremely passionate about every aspect of horse racing for a long, long time and have in excess of 40 years of experience. A life long career if you like that has allowed me to expand in every single area of the sport and what it really takes to become a successful horse race predictor.

I've taken the time to perfect every tiny element of my private formulas, systems and strategies and now adopt some very, very strict rules that allow me to take winning much more seriously.

Winning at the races certainly makes for a super second income! Even more so if you're a fan of the sport!!!

I Put In The Hours So My Members Can Maximise The Cash Profits...

Even though I have several decades of advanced racing knowledge, the necessary skills, a busy notebook and a few key contacts in place, it still takes anything up to 5 hours a day to complete my selection process.

Whilst I put in up to 35 hours a week to select my best bets, if you join me, the difference is, it would only take you just a few minutes each morning to copy my winning success.

Can You Spare A Few Minutes?

We'll only be looking at up to four Win or Each Way bets each day so there's nothing to really learn as long as you know the very basics of placing a bet. It's also worth noting that all my members will have access to my selections well before the days racing.

Do You Want To Be On My Best Racing Bets Each Morning?

I know that's a tough question for many right now, but I can assure you, I'm a serious active bettor with over 40 years in the mix to my name. If you join my inner circle you'll be placing bets on exactly the same horses as me and my contacts. We're in it to win it and you can be too!

And WIN We Most Certainly Do...

  • Stanley Snugfit 50/1 Winning Bet
  • Sam Brown 28/1 Winning Bet
  • Carrigready 40/1 Winning Bet
  • Romeo Brown 20/1 Winning Bet
  • Tarbaan 20/1 Winning Bet
  • Shahnaz 25/1 Winning Bet
  • Snazzy Jazzy 14/1 Winning Bet
  • Birkenhead 33/1 Winning Bet
  • Bless Him 25/1 Winning Bet
  • Czech Her Out 33/1 Winning Bet
  • Mokaatil 22/1 Winning Bet

The list above highlights some of the fantastic 1st place winners I've had over the recent months. There were plenty more winners and profitable each way places to be had but at least this gives you a good taster of what you can expect.

If you're ready put me to the test then simply choose your preferred membership from the options below... the longer the test the better the deal the table...

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