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Here's your golden opportunity to join the Betfan Group as a Sports Tipster and earn yourself a Fantastic New Income!

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Betfan Ltd offers potential Tipsters an awesome opportunity to show case their tipping talents to a huge ready made audience of potential customers and provides the potential to build a customer base prior to the launch of your service.

Here are what some our tipsters have to say...

"I have been part of Team BetFan for 6 years, which in itself is a testimonial.

I have remained because BetFan pay what is owed every week and on time, in this business that is what's needed.

BetFan have support staff and designers to do all the things you don’t have the time to do leaving you to get on with tipping.

As a tipster you are the star of the show but you need a team backing you behind the scenes and in my view they are the best in the business.

This is a competitive business and many have tried and failed to copy this model and that’s because they don’t have the skill set nor the muscle BetFan does.

Do your research when choosing who will manage your service my gut feeling is if you do you will choose the BetFan Group."

Simon - Racing Club

"What attracted me when I first found the website was the fact that the only necessary thing was to enter your name and email address and after a short time your tipster account was already created. I did it and it was an excellent move.

Shortly after I realized that everything works properly, the record of tipping selections is kept with the highest accuracy, and the BetFan support was great – they would respond to my every question in the shortest time possible.

Today, after six months of working as a tipster, I can say that everything is above my original expectations. I have a stable number of subscribers, which grows from day to day. Everything works flawlessly.

It makes me really happy that the users make money from my tips; plus, I’m satisfied with my own income. The only thing I’m sorry for is that I didn’t apply earlier, which is why I advise other long-term successful tipsters to apply immediately – they can’t know anything until they try, they could be very pleasantly surprised."

Max - Early Odds

"After many failed attempts of developing a winning horse racing system with heartache and money squandered along the way I finally managed to find that winning system.

Great for me but I wanted to share this and give others the opportunity to get some returns from those greedy bookmakers.

I set up a website and started posting my results and did manage to get 20 or so free subscribers but I could never manage to attract a big enough audience.

I was clueless how to do this but after some research I found Tipster Planet and they let me proof my selections and after a couple of months they liked my results and launched me on their main site.

Within the first 2 months after launch I already had nearly 100 paid subscribers as their reach to the target audience and promotion techniques are second to none.

All my results are posted on their impressive website so there is complete transparency and they even include rule 4 reductions which is rare but shows their integrity.

The team behind Betfan are very professional, friendly and organized. They go out of their way to make you feel welcome and part of the team.

I would not hesitate to recommend BetFan to any aspiring tipster and I personally have greatly enjoyed the last two and half years working with them."

Mick - Lucky 7 Naps

"BetFan have kept my Andy Bell service going. I have made us all very good long term profits.

BetFan has progressed and grown since I have been with them into probably the countries leading tipster company and I like to think I have helped, if not I have certainly grown for sure, ask Gitty my long serving wife as she often gets moaned at for shrinking my clothes.

BetFan have many more services and choices now to when I started and they vary from 1 bet a day to 100 I think (slight exaggeration) but you know what I mean so there is something there whatever floats your boat.

Well let's toast the next 3 years when we will all be wiser, fatter and hopefully richer with the help of BetFan."

Andy - Andy Bell Racing

Earn A HUGE EXCITING New Income!

You can earn 25% of ALL sales before any costs!

With BetFan you can earn 25% commission on all revenue of your service EVERY week. We pay all commissions due on a Monday... no other management company does that!

What does this mean in real terms?

At the time of writing I can confirm the last few months some of our Tipsters actually earned well over £2,000 in just one Week for minimal work and best of all remember we pay our Tipsters EVERY Monday.

This really does give you an idea of the potential income available to our most successful Tipsters.

How do you fancy earning £500, £1,000 or even £2,000+?

So How Does It All Work?

You focus on giving winning tips – We do everything else!

Betfan Ltd manages some of the best tipsters in the UK. Our key criteria for taking on tipsters are that they are honest and can produce genuine profits.

We pride ourselves on our transparency and that means all tipsters have to go through our proofing period before launch.

But once that’s successfully done we do everything to launch and manage your service so you can focus totally on tipping winners.

What Betfan Ltd does is allow you to concentrate and focus on what you’re good at – Tipping and leave the strain of everything else to our expert backroom in terms of marketing, admin, customer service and all other relevant areas.

Here's what we can do for you...

Managing Your Service:

  1. Provide full tipster back office to send tips and manage your service and all customer subscriptions.
  2. Provide the best proofing of your service, so potential customers can see your full betting record in details, results, stats etc.
  3. Provide the very best customer service out there to ensure your clients remain happy and receive maximum support.
  4. Handle all payments via our secure payment processors.
  5. Build and manage your services own website and sales page.

We are the market leader in tipster management, if you’ve got the talent; we've got the audience.

Marketing & Promotion:

  1. Launch your service to our huge database of members.
  2. On-going promotions to our ever growing lists.
  3. Organise promotions through our army of several hundred Betting Affiliates.
  4. Provide targeted promotions via our select band of well known third-party sports bloggers, review sites etc.

You Have The Potential To Earn Thousands Per Week!

We look forward to helping you take your Sports Tipster Service to Market with the number One Tipster Management Company on the Planet!

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Thanks for your time and interest.

Best Wishes,

Tipster Planet

The BetFan Group

PS. Whether your passion is for horse racing, football, golf, greyhounds or tennis we're here to help you cash in on your talent of finding winners!