Customers FAQs

Do you have a question about the Betfan Platform?

Do you want to know more about how it works? Want to know how best to navigate the site? Then we strongly advise you first of all go through the following FAQs and see if your question has been answered before.

However, if you still feel your query has not been answered below, then please do not hesitate to CONTACT US

Membership FAQ

Q. What exactly is Betfan and what can it do for me? 

A. BetFan is the UK'S biggest Tipster management platform and we manage some of the very best professional tipsters in the business.

We are a dedicated team of professionals who can spice up your betting career with an extensive range of proven tipping services.

The team are committed to spicing up your sports betting activity and bringing a buzz to your world with some brilliant free and premium services that cover a great range of sports.

Our mission is simply... To Make Your Betting Experience Better! We connect novice bettors and even more experienced bettors with expert tipsters, who provide professional tips and advice on the sport of their expertise.

Q. Will I win every day?

A. No. Quite simply you will not.

However, there will be days with lots of winners and days with no winners. But we provide you with full advice about managing a betting bank and staking successfully so that you can deal with any losing runs and also potentially maximise the returns of winning runs.

Our Goal is to help you Win and we will always strive for excellence in that regard.

Q. What Makes these Tipsters So Good?

A. All tipsters will have been through a stringent proofing period (Usually 16-20 Weeks minimum) before being allowed to have a live service on the BetFan platform and we will always have complete transparency in their records.

You can see every bet ever advised from our Tipsters and all the vital facts and figures about the service which will always allow you to make informed choices about joining any service we manage.

We also work with several of the top review sites who will give independent opinions assessments and reviews on our services ongoing. We also have performance charts so you can at any time see which services are best performing over various time periods.

Q. How will I receive my tips?

A. Once you have joined up to a service, you will receive tips via email, our Members Area and also the Betfan App HERE.

We will even encourage our tipsters to inform you of no bet days should they occur.

Q. What payment options are available?

A. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Skrill & Paypal.

Q. Can I cancel my subscriptions at any time?

A. To cancel future payments, you can either cancel direct with your payment provider (Paypal, Skrill etc) or via your personal information on our Members Area.

If you are having issues with either of those options then please get in touch direct HERE with details about the name of service, and your payment email address and we will gladly action the cancellation for you.

Even if you have cancelled a service then please note you will still continue to receive the selections until the end of the paid/trial period.

Q. Can you guarantee a profit?

A. No. It would in our opinion be impossible to "guarantee" profit as no one can ever be 100% certain of an outcome on a horse race, football match, or other sporting event as there will always be potential external factors out of our control that could influence the result. (Eg in a Football Match a player gets sent off or a horse falls at a jump when it collides with another horse etc)

However you can use our extensive service proofing pages to spot ongoing trends with many of our services.

Q. Do I need an account with specific bookmakers? 

A. No. You can bet wherever you feel comfortable. However, most tipsters will send their tips out with recommended bookies for each tip, to ensure you receive the best available odds.

There is a selection of great Bookmaker Joining offers on our Free Bets page HERE

Q. What sort of bets do the tipsters cover? 

A. Every service is different. Tipsters cover win, lay, place, and each way markets on a range of sports. Currently, tipsters cover horse racing, football, golf and greyhound racing, with many more on the way.

Q. What sort of stakes should I be using? 

A. All services will recommend a stake value for each of their tips in terms of "points", ranging from 1 to 5 points.

You can assign your own value to each point. Full Betting Bank and staking advice is given with all services.

Q. I joined today. Will I receive today's tips?

A. If you join a service after that days tips have already been sent out then you can still get the advice from the Members Area.

We highly recommend if you have just joined any Tipster to log into the Members Area straight after and check if the tips have already been posted for that day.

Q. How does my subscription work?

A. Subscriptions are payments made in advance usually on a monthly, quarterly or Yearly basis for tips.

Discounts are available on all services for longer period subscriptions. In most cases your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your payment period unless you choose to cancel.

Q. I have joined a Tipster but haven't received today’s tip

A. We strongly advise that initially you check your junk or spam folders on your email account, and if not then log into the members area to see if any tips have been posted.

Note we can never guarantee the delivery of email unfortunately which is why we have both the App and Members area in place.

If you have not cancelled your subscription, then please contact us HERE to provide us with details of which selections you are not receiving and the email address at which your selections are normally delivered to.

Q. What size betting bank do I need?

A. This will vary from service to service but will be fully covered in your welcome email, note the welcome and staking advice is always available at any time in your members area is provided explaining this information.

If you feel your question has not been answered above, then please do not hesitate to CONTACT US HERE.