It's Your Turn To EXPERIENCE Spectacular CASH PROFITS From The Sport of Kings

Thank you for dropping by and showing an interest in my Specialist Horse Racing Syndicate. A place where consistent Cash Profits are made!

My name is Michael and my general focus is on horse races with 7 or fewer runners. Whilst I've had a fascination with the Sport of Kings spanning many, many years my "Lucky 7 Naps" system has been making exceptional profits since August 2012!

The success and profits have been so eye opening and consistent that I contacted BetFan. Proofing started in February 2014 and up to the end of 2018 my daily win bet selections made more than 8,500 points profit.

Now I know every punter has a different budget when it comes to betting but I'm sure you'll agree that those points look pretty amazing and like I say I've been experiencing great profits since I put the system into action in August 2012.

Points Mean Prizes...

I appreciate every bettor has a different sized betting bank but as an example of potential profits take a look at this...

Betting £10 a point x 8,500 = £85,000.00

Betting £50 a point x 8,500 = £425,000.00

Betting £100 a point x 8,500 = £850,000.00

Points mean prizes so imagine what you would do with all the cash you could potentially win by following my winning selections!

It Beats The Day Job!

Whilst I would never suggest you give up work to make a full time living from betting I can say that as long as you're responsible and can follow professional advice, you can make a bloody good second income and the money is a bonus and certainly much sweeter than the earnings of the day job!

Strictly WIN Bets Only...

If you're in to Lay or Each Way betting then this is not for you. My system is focused on only finding winners. Obviously we have to take the losers on the chin, yes, there are losing selections but give Lucky 7 Naps a fair trial and I'm sure you'll be extremely impressed with the profits!

Lucky 7 Naps Winning Examples...

  • Equus Amadeus 8/1 Winner
  • Quarenta 10/1 Winner
  • Polo The Mumm 16/1 Winner
  • Red Indian 9/1 Winner
  • Vosne Romanee 8/1 Winner
  • Pauls Hill 5/1 Winner
  • Mercian King 10/1 Winner
  • Wind Place And Sho 8/1 Winner

Do you like what you see?

Full Proofing History is available!

No Experience Required!

Being a straight Win Bet Service you can jump straight in knowing that this is very easy to follow. You'll gain access to a private members area where you can view the daily tips and you'll also be emailed the advice.

Once you have the selections you simply back the horses to win with your preferred bookie!

Starting Bank & Staking Plan

After joining you'll have access to my advice on a betting bank and staking plan. Betting for a consistent, long term income needs to be taken seriously. It's not complicated but I will offer some sound advice to help you make the maximum profits whilst still enjoying this amazing sport.

Getting Started Is Easy

You're just one click away from becoming a member of Lucky 7 Naps and I hope you're informed enough to join me in this exciting opportunity.

All you need to do now is decide on how much you want to pay for my selections.

Now's The Time To Act...

Don't miss out on this incredible profit making opportunity! Simply think about the time you wish to give me to prove myself and click on a button below...

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