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Hi my name is John and I was introduced to horse racing back in 1971 by my best friend, when we were both students. He seemed to spend most of his time trailing from bookie to bookie, and with his guidance I learned how to read form via the Racing Post pages pinned to the bookie walls.

I miss the good old days where the bookies were much more alive and interesting but I must admit today the punter has a whole armoury of information at hand which was undreamt of back then.

My passion for the Sport of Kings now spans more than 4 decades and in all that time I've never been interested in betting on anything except horse racing. It's my number one interest and has proved to be very fruitful as an alternative money making career.

The key ingredient to my success is having a unique angle, a closely guarded secret strategy that nobody else is using.

Over the years I've constantly searched for new angles, and "Value Wins" is without doubt the very best I've come up with to date.

From the moment I started using "Value Wins" I had a overwhelming confidence that I've never experienced before from any method, system or strategy, and I am so bold as to say that I can't envisage a month which won't end up with "Value Wins" in profit, and usually very good profit too.

We all search for the very important goal of CONSISTENT profit, and as you will soon see from my results I've been consistently profitable month after month.

Part of the success of "Value Wins" is the very judicious mix of longer and shorter priced bets. I will never advise anything less than 15/8 (usually my lowest price is 2/1, but occasionally I'll go down to 15/8), but as the service has shown, I've banged in plenty of medium and long-priced winners too.

Just A Handful To Whet Your Appetite Include...

  • Verandah Winner 5/1
  • To Eternity Winner 7/1
  • Mable Lee Winner 8/1
  • Plantagenet Winner 8/1
  • Martiloo Winner 5/1
  • Stradivarius Winner 10/1
  • Apres Midi Winner 12/1
  • Ekhtiyaar Winner 10/1

One of the beauties about "Value Wins" is that the net can be cast very wide. If you specialise too narrowly you can find the field is pretty crowded. If your 'angle' is too narrow you run the risk of being a one-trick pony.

I have total confidence in the "Value Wins" selections as an all-seasons, all codes service (Flat Turf, All-Weather & National Hunt). I can assure you it's very, very solid and reliable. There will of course be some losing runs but again I cannot envisage any month without a profit.

Why On Earth Would I Share My Winners?

Lets be honest here, the extra income from doing so is more than welcome, and there's definitely a strong element of enjoying sharing the tips and being proven as an expert in my chosen field. And as with all the other competing services out there, I really want to see the name of "Value Wins" high up on the Top Tipsters leaderboards. It's very satisfying to my competitive instincts when I achieve that.

[[img_top.jpg_center_Value Wins Top]]

Why Would You Want To Pay Me?

I put in a lot time to find my winning selections and if you look deeper into the service by checking my proofing you'll witness a very appealing strike rate and a healthy return on investment.

What Can You Expect As A Value Wins Member?

I will be providing racing tips every day, except very occasionally I take a Sunday off.

The number of tips can vary between 1 and 10 or more, but mostly it'll be 3 to 7 selections a day. It really depends on the number of meetings there are.

Also, and this is really important, I will always endeavour to get you all my selections by 9:00pm the night before the racing. This is a key factor in you getting on with maximum value in mind. I don't want any of my members missing out when it comes to the best prices being available!

You can also expect consistent profits. Some of the 'flash' performers can rack up huge profits one month and disappear the next. So I entice you to always look at the tipster's proofing record over a fair number months.

I share this to give you a taster of what's possible.

So Do YOU Want To Be Part of Value Wins?

  • Full Ongoing Proofing Available
  • Consistent Monthly Profits
  • Appealing Strike Rate
  • Healthy Return On Investment
  • Great Prices The Night Before The Racing
  • Over 4 Decades In The Making
  • Benefit From My Closely Guarded Secret Strategy
  • An Average of 3 to 7 Tips A Day

Strike While The Forms On Fire...

You can join "Value Wins" with a subscription that suits you...

Here are your subscription options:

  • 7 days Membership is £14.00
  • 28 days Membership is £42.00
  • 90 days Membership is £118.00 (£39.33 per month)
  • 6 months Membership is £200.00 (£33.33 per month) *Best Value

Get involved right now before the moment passes and you risk missing out. This is a fantastic opportunity to win yourself some extra cash from just a few minutes work each day!

Simply click on your preferred membership option below and lets do it...

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Please Note: All prices are exclusive of VAT. Purchases made from EU countries will be charged VAT at the relevant rate.

Thank you for your interest in "Value Wins" and I hope you decide to join me in this exciting and profitable horse racing service real soon.