BetFan have been watching something quite extraordinary! Top Rated Horse Racing tips from a pro punter winning at incredible prices of 6/1, 7/1, 8//1, 9/1, 12/1 and 14/1!

Using a powerful system the profits have been fantastic! Some of the most impressive tipping we've seen.

Between 25th May 2019 and 25th September 2019 the Top Rated System generated +67.74 points profit betting a modest stakes per selection.

Top Rated System is the culmination of a long process which began many, many years ago and has only gone live following the successful proofing period with Betfan. It's the result of every system and methodology used over the years watching and betting on horse racing by one of the best in the business.

This is not some system that suddenly came about overnight, this strategy has been sculpted through a life long learning process which has culminated in what the proofing results show to be a very profitable system indeed.

The creator of the system has taken the positive from the winning systems/methodologies he's used over the years and also learned plenty from the losing ones too, in fact probably more so. The system ultimately boils races down by establishing which horses have the keys to winning. In its simplest form these come from having understood why some horses win and why others lose.

The Top Rated System has established ideas which have been used to successfully make selections. These help throw up a selective amount of bets per day.

No Crazy Staking Or Chasing Losses...

Proofing the Top Rated System has obviously been very exciting mainly down to the profits but also down to the simplicity of the bets and the advised staking strategy.

The Top Rated System...

Before you ask NO the system used is not for sale here. We don't even know what the actual detailed system is. All we know is that it's doing extremely well and producing some awesome winners. Members will not be given the system but they will be given the selections that in manifests.

Limited Membership Availability...

If you care to check our proofing of the Top Rated System you'll notice that there's a fair amount of cracking prices to be had. So to protect the value of this exciting service we are currently limiting membership to just 75 members. Too many members can ruin the spoils so please act fast to avoid missing out!

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Full Proofing information is available from March 2019.

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I find a lot of selections are a lower price come race time so it's always best to get on early.

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