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The Master Plan an exciting tried, tested and proven horse racing money spinner for any frustrated punter who is looking to turn things around and at last start beating the bookie.

My fascination in the Sport of Kings started at a young age and has remained with me ever since, over many decades. I have years of experience in studying the form of race horses, course and distance, jockey and trainer combinations and I repeatedly watch and analyse every UK race to get that extra edge and value for when noted horses get to run again.

Specialising in both win and each way betting during my time dedicated to race betting I have finely refined the selection process and I will always endeavour to refine where necessary but I'm very satisfied with the service selections and return on investment my Master Plan enjoys.

I'm not really interested in short prices and always lookout for value, as without a phenomenal strike rate and the fact that losing runs are inevitable, it's the only way to make a long term profit. In addition, I have a penchant for picking certain selections on a breeding basis but predominantly I will go with a structured and systematic analysis.

Playing the betting game for most of my adult life has rewarded me with some top connections and this combined with my own expertise has allowed me to taste what it's like to be a winning punter where so many ordinary folk lose over and over again.

When you win at the races and make consistent profits it's amazing how many friends you make and I can honestly say that I've helped many go from zero to hero by sharing the horses and the nature of the bets I place.

No More Mr Nice Guy!

When you're a loser no one wants to know and you're constantly reminded that betting is a mugs game. But when you're a winner those same people come out of the woodwork and pester you for free tips.

Free tips are great and to begin with I really didn't mind sharing my information. Free beers and handshakes were always nice but when it gets to the point you're being bombarded with phone calls and texts every morning it becomes a pain in the arse!

Enough was enough, the constant requests for free information was stealing my time without any reward so I decided stop sharin full stop. No more being Mr Nice Guy!

That was quite a while ago and whilst I still enjoy being a winner at the races I do miss helping others and that's why I'm here today.

I was talking to a friend and he suggested I set up an online tipping service where I charged a small fee for my tips and delivered them by email. He said that would eliminate all the daily calls and texts.

It was food for thought but I spent decades mastering the betting game and not building websites.

That said I did like the idea of sharing my information in some automated way so I started to investigate my options and it didn't take long before I discovered BetFan.

With so many tipsters inhabiting the internet and battling to be the best in front of huge audiences it sounded like a lot of fun so I thought sod it... lets play the game!!!

I proofed my tips over 16 long months before I was contacted by one of the owners of BetFan. He said he was impressed with what he had seen and wanted to set me up a professional online service where all I ever had to do was what I did best and that was finding the winners.

It was a NO BRAINER for me and I jumped at the opportunity.

Exciting Times Ahead... Mr Nice Guy Is Back!!!

During my proofing period I delivered over 590 Points Profit and a 28% Return on Investment!

Do you like what you see?

Full Proofing information is available from June 2017.

What's The Secret Science To Betting Success?

To be honest, there is no pure science or secret to betting success but it has taken years of hard work, late nights, frustration and refinement and yes I have learnt loads along the way.

I feel I am privileged to have a process, a master plan that works and can most certainly work for others. This is ultimately why I'm happy to sell selections onto other like minded people who have a fascination in the Sport of Kings.

Beating The Bookie Is My Business

I don't see what I do as gambling - to me it's a business - winners are profit, like a full order book - losers are expenses and sometimes it's a bad day at the office but at the end of the month if we keep the expenses down and the orders coming in, we all reap the rewards!

If I can share the booms and help serious investors then that's fine with me. If my horse racing advice can pay for an extra holiday, put a new car on the drive or generally make more cash for members then that's fantastic.

To many horse racing is a pastime and maybe a great day out. To me it's an opportunity which I use for betting purposes to return a healthy profit. All sports can provide this opportunity as can 2 flies crawling up a wall - I however prefer to specialise in what I'm best at.

I provide an honest, consistent and reliable service with an objective of making a long term profit to sensible stakes and a sustainable staking plan. As a punter you should take all emotion out of the equation and treat my service as a tried, tested and proven business. We can all bet emotionally and irrationally - it's time to stop and follow The Master Plan for profit.

Beating the bookie is my business and I'd love you to be part of it.

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