Thank you for taking the time to discover BetFan's exciting new "Switcher" concept. It's a brand new idea that offers our members an alternative way to join our tipster services and we're sure you'll find it a refreshing change from the normal subscription models that are out there!

Under normal circumstances you would be looking at joining a tipster service from our platform, take out a subscription, be it weekly, monthly, quarterly or six monthly and then be committed to the service for your paid subscription period.

With so many services on our books we do appreciate that choosing a longterm tipster can be a bit of a mental challenge. We know this for sure because of so many conversations with our members over the years.

One of the biggest problems we have to address on a regular basis is a member joins a tipster and after a short period of time for one reason or another they stop using the tips. This could be that personal circumstances change, the tipping style/timing doesn't suit your needs or you simply sense a tipster is about to have that inevitable run of bad luck and you don't want to risk your betting bank.

Whatever the reason we do listen and continue to strive to make your betting experience a better one. There's nothing worst than paying out a few hundred pounds on a six month membership only to regret taking the subscription after a week or so.

Our brand new Switcher solution is a simple one but an exciting one and we're sure our members will find it a good step in the right direction.

As a BetFan Switcher member you simply choose your preferred subscription period and then a tipster to follow.

This will be your initial start up tipster and you'll start receiving their tips/advice as you would under normal circumstances. However, after 7 days as a Switcher member you'll have an option in the membership area to switch to another tipster.

You're The One In Control!

If you're happy with your initial tipster choice then you simply leave as is to continue receiving their selections. If you're not 100% happy for whatever reason you can simply switch to another tipster.

It really is as simple as that!

One Subscription... You Decide Who You Follow!

No more wasted subscription periods and the opportunity to change the BetFan tipster who you follow.

As mentioned above there are many reasons why a customer may wish to change the tipster they are using and with Switcher the solution is an easy one!

Get started right now and subscribe to "Switcher" for a brand new experience where you control where the tips are coming from!

*PLEASE NOTE - Switcher isn't a replacement for any current subscription you may have with BetFan. If you would like Switcher to be your alternative joining method please join at the end of you current subscription.

  • 28 Days Membership is £45.00
  • 90 Days Membership is £126.00 (£42.00 per month)
  • 6 Months Membership is £214.00 (£35.67 per month) *Best Value

Betfan Switcher


  • £45.00 every28 days
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Betfan Switcher


  • £126.00 every90 days
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Betfan Switcher

6 Months

  • £214.00 every6 months
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As you can see our six month deal is the best value for money here working out at just £35.67 per month!
This saves you a massive £56.00 over paying a monthly subscription.
Well worth considering!

Please Note: Alll prices are exclusive of VAT. Purchases made from EU countries will be charged VAT at the relevant rate.