So Why Use My Service?

I study the form everyday to come up with my 3 best horses to back for the day.

My biggest win to date was nearly £30,000 pounds and is probably my biggest highlight so far. Some of my friends also had money on my tip that day so it was a massive celebration all round.

I have many contacts in yards up and down the country as well and that gives me that extra edge on the bookies.

I Have lots of jockey friends and have a few links to different yards which helps me make my choices. I have been studying the sport for over 7 years now so know what I am doing.

My key ingredient to success is my expert study of form and everything else that I look into when studying races (I can't give too much away)

How Did I Get So Good?

I was a keen racing fan when I was younger and gradually got into the sport that way. It started with the odd day out at the races and just went from there.

When I first started betting I was a bit of a blind better and pretty much just throwing money away. It was more of a hobby rather than the full time job that it is now.

I don't look at certain races I study all cards and look for the best chances of a win each day.

I am doing pretty well so far!

Do you like what you see?

Full Proofing information is available from May 2019.

Why Am I Selling My Special Tips?

I am not just a casual better anymore and I spend many hours a day reading form and use my betting as my full time job.

The most rewarding thing for me is knowing that am helping others to make extra cash and also beating the bookies.

Join my service and I will give you my 100%

I will always be trying to find you that next big win.

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