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Over the last decade BetFan has witnessed the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to finding a tipster who can deliver. But every now and then we discover a tipster who appears, after proofing to us to be very, very good indeed!

Bradley, the genius behind Racing Kudos has been showcasing his tips to BetFan since 21st September 2019 and it must be said he left us somewhat speechless with his power punts that have quite literally been sucking the bookies dry. It also must be said that he's good, very, very, very good!!!

Providing selections like those listed above who wouldn't want access to this man's extraordinary racing mind and expert predictions?

During a reasonable proofing period as illustrated below Bradley made an amazing 887.84 points profit! Yes he had losing days but the regular BIG priced winners soon followed and so did the BIG CASH PROFITS!

All the proofing was done in a live environment and is 100% genuine!

Today you can make the wise decision to get in on the profits with Bradley as your adviser. This is your opportunity to become a betting champion and enjoy the Racing Kudos that his service offers.

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