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Do you dream of winning money from horse racing working just minutes each day on your smartphone, tablet or computer? It is possible... because that’s exactly what I’m doing... and very soon, thanks to Racing King many others will be doing it too.

You can be in on the Magnificent Racing King Gold Rush without learning any extensive betting skills… you simply follow the Racing King daily selections and hey... the ultimate value cash winnings can be yours!

You may find that hard to believe I know. But just because it all sounds “to good to be true” doesn’t matter. If I have your attention then please read on as I would like to prove to you that my winning strategy does indeed work! It works like a dream!

The Racing King Journey To Profits…

About 10 years ago I was looking for profitable tipsters and people betting on the horses had the best returns. So I figured that it's easier to beat the horse racing market than sports like football where experts tend to have single-digit return on investments.

Since 2015 I've been working on my own systems, first backing, then laying, but now I can do both.

I originally wanted this to be a lay-only service but I soon realised that it's far from optimal. Sometimes a great value horse sticks out like a sore thumb so there is no reason not to back it and sometimes the favourite is so strong that the best play is to back it, which effectively lays the entire field.

Some of my backing highlights since December proofing on Tipster Planet include…

  • Escapeandevade 40/1
  • Beat Box 20/1
  • Masham Moor 14/1
  • Burtonwood 16/1
  • Bonne Vitesse 25/1

What Is The Key Ingredient To My Success?

Several thousands of hours analysing the markets from every perspective and watching every variable. I learn from my mistakes and improve my systems every day.

My Area’s of Expertise…

A lot of people hate them, but for me, there's nothing for better betting than low-class flat handicaps. Reason one is that statistics there are the most reliable! Reason two is that all horses finish the race without falling and reason three is that the race is over quickly so I can collect my winnings and move on to the next one.

But despite that, I try to solve almost every race and find some value. I have plenty of picks for the fans of jump racing too.

Do you like what you see?

Full Proofing History is available!

Previous Proofing Can Be Seen Here

How much time do I put into finding my betting selections?

I spend 5-10 minutes on each race on the card. Overall, I spend 10-12 hours a day on horses because I always do post-race analysis and spreadsheet upkeep after the last race of the day.

How active is the Racing King service?

The service runs 7 days a week, with around 10 tips a day. I often have 3-4 tips in one well-analysed race, so it's not as much as it looks. Tips will be available 30 minutes before the first race of the day, and I may post a second email after a few hours, which will cover the mid-afternoon to evening races.

Why You Should Follow The Racing King…

In a word… Consistency! There is nothing better than a tipster who wins 10-12 months a year. Nobody wants to break even for 6-12 months or have 3 losing months in a row.

Also, odds availability. My systems are designed to make a profit at Betfair SP, so nobody has to worry about taking early odds with bookies, unlike with almost every other tipster!

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