Get Ready To Become A Master of Racing Profits... A King of Winning The Cash From The Very Best Naps of The Day!!!

Horse racing is a sport that's adored by millions of fans across the nation and for some it's a great way of making a very enviable second income.

However, the sorry story for most is a deflated betting bank thanks to the lack of discipline or knowledge of the sport and this where tipsters tend to come into the equation.

If you've ever paid a tipster for their betting advise/tips then now is the time to sit up and pay close attention.Why? Because today you're introduced to the RaceMaster.

The RaceMaster is a class act to follow when it comes to beating the bookies! He uses his vast racing and betting experience to great effect.

On the 1st August 2019 the RaceMaster started sharing his daily nap advice with us and our followers over on Tipster Planet. He grabbed our attention very quickly and our only thought was... could he keep up the amazing success and keep finding us the winners?

He did just that and we had to make contact and arrange setting up a premium service on the BetFan platform.

To give you a taste of the potential please do take the time to look at the winners he tipped to us during his 10 week proofing period.

Winner After Winner After Winner!

With winners flowing you can see why we jumped in to make this incredible service available to you today. During the proofing period the RaceMaster made an impressive 192.38 points profit which equates to £19,238.00 for those who bet £100 a point.

That's some serious cash in the back pocket and some substantial return from the simple part time activity of placing the bets, which would for most people only take a few minutes each day.

Do you like what you see?

Full Proofing History is available!

So What Can You Expect From The RaceMaster?

The RaceMaster is simple and easy to follow with usually just one or two top nap bets to place each day.

The tips and winning ways of the RaceMaster are easy to place win bets and on most occasions they're sent to members between 6pm and 9pm the night before the racing. This makes for maximum value from the advice given.

The strike rate during proofing (01/08/2019 to 16/10/2019) was a very impressive 53.25% and the return on investment was a huge 48.70%! Now that's very exciting!

Are You Ready To Take The Cash And Become A Master of Racing?

I bet you are and here's the great news...

The RaceMaster has agreed to launch with a very competitive price allowing members to make a fast profit and almost ignore the low subscription fee.

You can now get involved in the action from as little as £23.83 per month if you subscribe using the six month subscription option, that's very low cost when you consider the profits this guy is making and saves you a massive £37.00 over paying a normal monthly subscription.

Take Advantage Right Now And Get On The RaceMasters Daily Naps!

All you need to do now is choose the membership that suits you best from the options below...

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Renews every 7 days at £10.00.
Next Payment due 4th Aug 21
You can cancel at any time.

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Renews every 28 days at £30.00.
Next Payment due 25th Aug 21
You can cancel at any time.

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Renews every 90 days at £84.50.
Next Payment due 26th Oct 21
You can cancel at any time.

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6 Monthly

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Renews every 6 months at £143.00.
Next Payment due 28th Jan 22
You can cancel at any time.

Please Note: All prices are exclusive of VAT. Purchases made from EU countries will be charged VAT at the relevant rate.