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I've been a professional gambler for around 20 years with my attention focused on horse racing. I was fortunate to be very friendly with a famous on course gambler at the time when he was at his best and I learned a great deal about the sport of kings and how to make a career out of it.

I attend the racecourses several times a week and make a very good living from gambling with the help of some of the best contacts in the business making profit from both flat and national hunt racing.

My Exciting New Challenge...

I'm pleased to announce that I have now teamed up with BetFan who will from hereon manage my RaceFan service. 

To secure BetFan's management I had to show them consistent profits over a long proofing period. 

As you'll soon see I've gone way beyond proving myself. Not only to BetFan but to hundreds of passionate punters across the globe.

A Massive +1,066.38 Points In Just 31 Months!

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Full Proofing information is available from July 2017.

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