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Lucky Dip is the Brand New BetFan managed service that everyone can afford.

Lucky Dip is a chance to change £1 in to £100's depending on the number of tips you buy and the outcome.

Lucky Dip which is ONLY £1 allows you to have a tip chosen at random from one of our top performing services. These bets can be singles or doubles or each way or anything else that our tip tippers are advising that day.

What's more is you can come back again and again as many times as you like. You will get a new random tip every time you buy a lucky dip.

So how does this work?

  1. You click on the Lucky Dip link
  2. You sign up for a Luck Dip
  3. You spin the wheel and your tip is chosen.
  4. Place your bet
  5. Win Win Win (hopefully)

For the times when signing up to a service are not right for you and you just fancy a tip Lucky Dip is the perfect solution.

Lucky Dip is a BetFan managed service and we at BetFan are committed to making services available to everyone no matter what their budget.

£1 for your Lucky Dip and then place a bet of whatever you feel you can afford.

Take a chance and have a Lucky Dip Today.

Just Click The Button Below - Good Luck!

Lucky Dip

One Off

  • Random Selection for a Betfan Top Performing Service £1.00
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