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Thank you for taking the time to visit. It's very exciting to be here today to let you know all about my brand new horse racing service "iProSpeed."

Hi, my name is Jannie and I was introduced to the Sport of Kings around 30 years ago by a good friend and after turning a solitary £1 into £110 I was hooked on the potential the sport could pay.

The adrenaline rush that day was something else and from that day on I was committed to becoming a professional. I knew inside that winning at the races was what I wanted to do and I wanted to become a master at it.

Forward the years and I look back on what many would call one hell of a rollercoaster ride. There were highs and lows, good times and bad times but ultimately the desire to win has paid off substantially.

Without doubt the early days were somewhat hit and miss, changing the selection process, being swayed by the latest fad, strategy or plan, chasing losses and sometimes even thinking the name of the horse was a winning sign.

Maturity eventually kicked in and I started to treat my betting as a real business and the beauty of a business is that you can choose what you trade in and you'll find that the most successful businesses work within an industry or market that they are passionate about. Passion, desire and a lot of hard work really are the key ingredients to long term success.

Can Anyone Become A Successful Racing Professional?

I would have to say yes but the trouble for most people is the time involved in the continued learning process. Even once one's experienced you still have to put in the many hours each and everyday because in this game you can't afford to miss a trick and there's no room for the lingering bad habits that so many punters give in to.

Also lets face it most punters already have busy lifestyles involving work, family and other interests. The average bettor really doesn't have the time necessary for personal racing success.

The One And Only Alternative...

There's nothing more true in that if you want something bad enough then find someone who already has it and copy their recipe!

Welcome To The iProSpeed Formula

I believe that the reason you're here today is because you are looking for that racing success formula. You appreciate that there are others out there enjoying substantial profits from horse racing and you want to find the right person to copy.

You don't want or need a get rich quick story, you don't want inflated and misleading headlines and you most certainly don't want crazy staking plans where an unavoidable bad run can wipe out your bank before you know it.

What you do want is a genuine, experienced and a hard working professional on your side. You want to trust that the advice you're given is solid and that your advisor puts their money where their mouth is.

Well that's exactly what you'll get when you join "iProSpeed."

Since a young age I made it my ambition to master the art of betting for a living. I believe there is a science to winning where many believe it's all about luck.

Yes Lady Luck is out there and if she ever shines on you then count your blessings because it's likely to be a once in a life time experience.

iProSpeed Is Not About Luck!

Yes it's always nice to read the headlines and hear about a lucky punter who has just screwed the bookies for fifty grand but don't let the bookies or the media fool you into believing winning is all about luck and crazy big odds.

The BIG WINNING HEADLINES create free advertising for the bookies and what they hate most are sports betting investors who don't rely on luck and beat them month after month after month. Shrewd investors who know exactly how to spot value and use stealth tactics to cash in over and over again.

As a "iProSpeed" member you won't be a lucky punter you'll be a professional investor. You'll have expert guidance and you'll only ever bet on the horses I tell you about. These will be the exact same horses that I will be backing to win their races!

Here Are Some Key Points About iProSpeed...

  • We'll Have 1 to 10 Bets On Most Days
  • You'll Be Issued With My Recommended Betting Plan
  • Generally Selections Will Be Issued Between 11am - 12pm
  • All Bets Will Be Low Risk 1pt Stakes
  • Most Bets Will Be Back To Win
  • There Are Two Membership Levels To Suit All Interests
  • Full 1pt Staking Proofing History Available
  • Successfully Proofed Since October 2017
  • Selections Will Be Sent By Email And Made Available Online
  • Help And Support Available 7 Days A week
  • Now Is The Time To Get Involved!

If luck is going to shine on you it will do. It's the way the magic works. It can happen in the blink of an eye and when you least expect it. It's out of your control and for most the magical dreams never happen. However, if you're awake and would like to copy my powerful iProSpeed selections then now is the time to get involved.

How Much Does It Cost?

  • 7 Days Membership is £12.00
  • 28 Days Membership is £36.00
  • 90 Days Membership is £101.00 (£33.67 per month)
  • 6 Months Membership is £171.00 (£28.50 per month) *Best Value

Simply click on the preferred membership button below to get started...



  • £12.00 every7 days
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  • £36.00 every28 days
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  • £101.00 every90 days
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6 Months

  • £171.00 every6 month
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As you can see our six month deal is the best value for money here working out at just £28.50 per month!
This saves you a massive £45.00 over paying a monthly subscription.
Well worth considering!

Thank you for your interest in iProSpeed we look forward to welcoming you onboard very soon!