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I was introduced to betting back in my late teens (late 80's) by a work colleague who thought he was the mutts nuts at tipping but in reality he wasn't! However I saw something that attracted me and stirred up quite an interest.

After falling to win with my work mate i decided to find my own route to winners, reading books, study and speaking to other pro's. I spent 11 years learning the ropes, my apprenticeship if you like. I started taking my betting seriously when I was 30. I am 50 now so i have over 31 years betting experience, 20 of those years betting seriously and making a great income.

What Is The Secret of My Success?

Without a shadow of doubt discipline is the main one! The discipline to follow your betting principals is a must and one of the biggest elements that most punters fail on.

Dedication to put in the long hours required to get the desired results. Finding bets that are value against their true odds takes a lot of work but it pays off big time to acquire that skill. Then there's the mindset and developing the right psychology needed to win.

A fundamental key to my success is form and value. So no specific race types apply and I bet on all codes of racing, but form, ratings and value are just three key components used.

It Wasn't Always A Walk In The Park

There were many mistakes along the way. Initially, not setting up a betting bank, this is vital, a pot of money that you can invest that is money you can afford to lose if the worst case scenario happens. Preparation and selectivity, trying to bet in most races without any knowledge of the horses capabilities, following Tom, Dick and Harry down the local bookies because they sounded like they knew what they were on about. I soon learned that to win you needed to form your own opinion, put in the hard graft and be selective.

Why Am I Willing To Share My Racing Selections?

During my apprenticeship (those early 11 years) i learned so much. I used frequent racing forums and helped others to pick winners. I enjoyed that experience and it helped greatly with my own development.

Where I am today is far different, this is my business and although I make a good income form betting myself, business is always about diversifying and adding new income streams. Selling my tips and the experience that comes with that is a no-brainer, I can help others to make a profit, to bet in a professional way with the right set up and help them to win, thats a big incentive, but I can also make a few extra quid for doing so. It's win-win!

I am a great advertisement that betting professionally can be learned.

I am a great advertisement that betting professionally can be learned, but not everyone can do it. Without the discipline, dedication and mindset to succeed it would be hard, you have to commit 100%. It also takes time, a commodity that most people simply don't have these days. That's why people like myself who have done the apprenticeship can help those who don't have the time to learn to prosper from their betting.

There are not many jobs where you can get the satisfaction of helping others every day. This is my way of life, I love what I do and this gives me the confidence to know that I can and will help others to betting profits who perhaps are unable to do this themselves for whatever reason.

Do you like what you see?

Full Proofing information is available from January 2019.

Finding The Selections Each Day?

Technology is a big assist for me these days, it cuts my workload down hugely. I remember putting in 12-14 hour days going through all the form in the early days. I still put in 6 hours a day on my bets, more on busier days or festivals.

The morning is spent gathering all the "outside' knowledge from sources in the industry and adding that to my own bespoke software based on my years of successful strategies which crunches the data for me. From 6pm all the early prices are then analysed by the software and final bets are predicted that offer the best value.

How Active Is The High Five Tipping Service?

I will have bets most days when value is available, I am a busy punter and prefer it that way, it's all about turnover and numbers for me, not individual bets.

You can expect 1-10 bets a day. Some days offer a large number of value bets so we could place 10 bets, the next day it could be just 1, but the average is around 22 bets a week. All bets will be sent out between 6.30pm and 7.30pm every evening before racing to take advantage of early prices.

Key Points to Note...

  • 11 year apprenticeship learning to bet professionally for profit
  • 20 years as a betting professional
  • 31 years overall betting experience
  • Value betting
  • Bets sent by 7.30pm every evening
  • 1pt level stakes
  • Win only bets
  • Profitable to BOG, Betfair SP and SP

What Should A Punter Be Looking For When Considering Following A Tipster?

Stating the obvious, a profitable one! Also look at the staking, profits might be high with some tipsters but they are using 5pt or 10pt stakes on each bet. I don't believe in hyping up or exaggerating profits, I bet to value and know that over a series of bets I will make a profit so every bet is to 1pt level stakes and to WIN ONLY.

You want an honest tipster! One who explains everything about their betting giving you a realistic view on how you should follow it. A tipster that says he doesn't have losing runs is a liar and you should avoid.

It's All About Consistency!

To win you need consistency, yes losing months happen, but over the course of a year the winning months should outweigh the losing months and profits should show a good return on investment. Most pro's from my era would be happy to bet volume with a ROI of 10% plus! I have seen 50% plus!

Why You Should Really Consider High Five

With over 30 years experience i've got the proverbial t-shirt, i've been there and done it and I have earned my betting stars the hard way, 11 years spent learning my trade! We all make mistakes but it's how you learn from them and grow. I am dedicated, disciplined and passionate about what i do, i love this game!

I tell it as is. If you want 70% winners and no losing runs then you should walk on by and look for another investment. However, If you want a realistic way to make a betting profit and are willing to follow my advice and follow every selection I advise to the letter, i am extremely confident you'll come out a winner. Remember, if you win, I win too!

Every bet I give to you I back myself, this is my living. You'll back more losers than winners, yep that's correct, I won't kid you, but this game is not about winning the daily battle, it's about winning the war! My bets offer value, by betting at higher odds than I perceive to be their true chance of winning, we will win long term, as I have proven. You'll see from my betting record with BetFan, I do have losers but we back plenty of nice winners with most bets ranging from 4/1 to 14/1.

For me, betting is not about one day, or one month, or any individual horse, it's a numbers game and the true reflection of any tipster is in how much profit they make, not how many winners they have given.

Let me help you become a winning punter, I will help and guide you every step of the way. If you need help, just ask. I will always make myself available to help and advise you.

Successful betting is very much about mindset, the psychology to succeed and stick through the bad times and enjoy the good times, I have that in abundance and I can help you achieve this too. These days my betting is done on auto-pilot, no emotion, no worries, such is the confidence I have in my betting strategy.

I have proved my worth to BetFan, now let me prove it to you! Together we can win!

Member testimonial...

I signed up to the high five bets on the 9th May so not even a month ago. I decided to do £5 for 1pt but using the Fibonacci staking plan, I know it's advisable to use level stakes but worth a go, anyway to date I'm £314.02 (62.8pnts) in profit! I can't wait to see the results at the end of the month!. Emma

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