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Are YOU struggling to find value bet racing winners? It's so frustrating I know because I have been there! I'm just an average kind of guy with little back story who has for years tried to make some extra money from innovations, gambling, investments and too many systems to list!

Typical of most of us who have been on this journey things have been far from smooth running as I amassed quite a lot of debt in the process and was not the happiest going from one tipster to another, one system to another and one bad investment another.

Fortunately I am quite stubborn and deep down I knew there was a way I could ultimately beat the Bookies. It was just a matter finding it!

Anyway I started focusing on horse racing and mainly handicap races and small fields. This is when around three years ago I had some eureka moments and patterns started to appear in my strategies which I have managed to fine tune over the last couple of years.

The timing of Fantastic 8's selections are usually being picked later in the day and due to known running conditions and non runners etc, I can afford to allow my strategies to stretch to 8 runners in a race.

I can't go into too much detail as to how the system works but with simple averages of say 5 - 6 runners per race when using my selections my strike rate even with random selections should be around 20%. With this in mind I only need to find a slight edge in order to bring this up to the required strike rate and then produce winners at the right average price.

The one main factor in all my selections is value. I think it's critical that my selections when sent out should be at a price which is above their chances of winning and therefore beat the SP.

Of course we can't win them all, that's just foolish thinking but with juicy priced recent winners like Not So Sleepy @12.0, Gerry The Glove @17.0, Dressed In Fur @26.0 & Letter of Credit @34.0 not every horse needs to be a winner for you to be one!!!

A Fantastic Couple of Years For Fantastic Eights...

Do you like what you see?

Full Proofing information is available from March 2015.

That's a great £40,050 betting £10 per point or a fantastic £400,497 betting £100 per point!

Again, this has not been achieved by winning in every selected race but by betting on the best value selections and sticking to the Fantastic 8's tested strategy.

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With profits like this being generated I bet you're thinking membership will be highly priced. Well in a nutshell yes it will be. But for the first 200 members I have an exceptional deal to offer... BUT YOU must act fast if you want in.

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The good news for fast movers is that if you lock in at an early bird price that will remain ongoing and you won't be affected when the price rises after the first 200 places are filled.

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Thank you for considering Fantastic 8's. After joining you'll be given full details of my recommended bank and staking plan for maximum profits from the service. I look forward to helping you master the art of Bookie Bashing!

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