Hi my name is Max a professional horse racing bettor and programmer from Montenegro.

It was around ten years ago that I started to take my sports betting seriously. I started off betting on football matches but was not satisfied with the profit potential.

I opened a Betfair account and found that betting on horse racing was the much better way. There's a lot more information available for horse racing compared to any other sport. And most importantly the information was easily accessible, centralized and it was coming from only a few sources (Racing Post, Sporting Life and Timeform).

As I was able to analyse the data over a long period of time I soon realized horse race betting was potentially a very profitable alternative income and I also felt I had much more control over what I was doing.

This looked a great opportunity and I downloaded all of the data and started to build a database and develop the software that would analyse it.

What is the key ingredient to my success?

Above all patience, analyticity and skepticism. I analyse a lot of available data over a long period of time, apply a worst case scenario and only if then I have a positive result do I expect something out of it.

In all of this I am very realistic. That is primary, only after that comes my knowledge as a professional programmer. Believe me that certainly helps a lot because, unlike most, I have the ability of processing this data by custom made software.

Ideas flow at the end, where I discover the profitable angles. And because it's all about calculating odds, I manage to calculate the odds a little bit better than the bookmakers do, and that makes a profit!

As a successful bettor who finds the value well before the racing why would I share the information with others?

I earn handsomely from horse racing but lets be honest additional income is always welcome.

As you know, there are two methods when it comes to betting on horse racing, buying the odds early or just before the race (SP and BSP).

Method, analysis and the selection of tips in these two methods are completely different. I would never offer tips that I would buy before the race, because in that way I would lose the value of my selections.

But when I'm one of the first to place a bet, I have nothing to lose because I place a bet before everybody else, I can only be in profit. Also, when I help others it brings a great satisfaction.

My very nature is always to think in advance, so the second reason for selling my information is the fear of losing my bookmaker account.

For that very reason I decided to split the risk, so much more because I'm from Montenegro where almost no one bets on horse racing and it would be very difficult for me to open another bookmaker account under any other name so that bookmakers don't connect that.

Do you like what you see?

Full Proofing History is available!

What can you expect from my service?

Sophisticated computer algorithms do most of the work so I only lose about an hour a day, but developing the software in the first place has cost me a lot of time! However, I've found a winning way and you can be part of its success.

I will advise up to five Win Bet selections per day on average and well before the racing.

For me horse racing is the most rewarding and profitable sport to bet on. It's easier to find value bets and with my Early Odds service you can bet with the confidence of knowing you're getting super value before everyone else.

With so many tipster services available why should punters consider joining Early Odds?

My tips are well balanced between enough points earned, ROI, drawdown and strike rate.

I only ever advise 1 point level stake betting so you can relax knowing you won't be risking loads of your points bank each day. Plus all my selections are back to win only.

I can offer my tips early doors, in most cases hours before the racing and only a small number of tipsters can do that. Many others wait to watch a market trend but I don't have to because it relies on my unique systems and software.

Finally I don't claim to have secret insider contacts at the race courses or physic abilities!

What I do have is the programming skills and a monetary fascination in the sport of kings. I have used my skills and the desire to profit to develop a cash winning formula. Any emotion is stripped from the strategy and it has been working perfectly for years.

The launch of Early Odds was a proud moment for me and I hope to look after my members and their betting profits for years to come.

Even if the greedy ones do close my bookie account this unique early odds service will allow me to stay interested in the sport and take the bookies cash by helping YOU to win it and pay for your membership out of winnings!

The future of Early Odds is going to be great fun and I hope you can be part of it.

Proofed Live On Tipster Planet

For your reassurance my Early Odds service didn't pop out of thin air overnight. I took the opportunity to proof all my racing tips to a live audience on Tipster Planet between November 12th 2015 and January 26th 2016.

I advised all my followers during this period to back my selections to WIN at 1 point level stakes. We had a terrific time seeing winners like... Virnon @ 16/1, Cumbrian Farmer @ 20/1, San Quentin @ 7/1 and Queen Aggie @ 10/1 to name a few.

Getting started is easy...

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Thank you for your time. I look forward to welcoming you to Early Odds very soon.