A Joint Venture of TRUST & CONFIDENCE In Our Bid To GENUINELY Make A Profit From Horse Racing

Thank you for taking the time to discover Each Way Wonders. Hi, my name is Colin and my interest in horse racing seems to have been 'in' me from a very early age. I remember as a 5 year old child watching fervently the horse racing on TV along side my Grandfather every Saturday when I visited him whilst mum was out shopping.

I have great memories of watching the excitement on my Grandad's face if his selection won. He expressed his joy very physically too! He would leap to his feet with frantic cries of, "Yes, Yes" as his selection approached the line, nose just in front, and winning by what he called "a flared nostril."

I would also see the dark downside to gambling too, and knew when to be very quiet, not uttering a single word of consolation, when his horse lost. This taught me an invaluable lesson very early in life about the pitfalls and the murkier side of gambling.

I had my first 'official' bet in 1973 when I was just nine! My Grandad asked me to pick a horse for the Grand National, and being a Liverpool supporter, I picked a little known horse called Red Rum! I was hooked!

Since then, I've always enjoyed watching horse racing, especially live. I am a regular visitor to the two tracks in Northern Ireland, Down Royal (whose future was in some doubt until a recent one year reprieve) and Downpatrick. When I can, I try to visit Southern Ireland and Scottish racecourses. You just can't beat the atmosphere, the craic, the sound of the horses running down to the post at a live meeting. Something you never experience watching it on TV!

It's only in the more recent years, since I retired from teaching, that I've had the proper time required to study and enjoy horse racing even more.

Welcome To Each Way Wonders

With Each Way Wonders my selection process simply involves "market watching" so I leave the decisions of types of race/conditions to the market. If the ground is unsuitable for a horse then this will be factored in to the market, regardless if the race is a Grade 1 or a bumper! The only races I'm very cautious of are races that only pay two places.

How Active Is The Each Way Wonders Service?

As you can see from my proofing there is hardly ever a no bet day. However, the number of selections per day can never be pre-quantified, as the selection process can bring up any number of horses. It could be one, it could be twelve, it is what it is on the day. I am certainly not going to put a single selection in just to have a runner on the day. Likewise, I am not going to limit the number of selections simply because I think there are 'too many.' The most important factor is only giving genuinely selected horses that provide a long term, level stakes profit.

Check Out Our All Time Proofing!

That's -31.68 points between October 2018 and June 2019

Do you like what you see?

Full Proofing information is available from December 2018.

Is Each Way Wonders The Service For You?

If you are looking for long term consistency with regards to profit, and the chance to enjoy the horse racing without betting beyond your means then Each Way Wonders could well be the answer.

I'm a great believer in the campaign "When the fun stops, STOP", and will ensure that both myself and BetFan highlight and promote the "Responsible Gambling" campaign. I would go as far as to say that the understanding of this is almost a 'prerequisite' for a customer to join me. The punter too therefore has their part to play. They must be patient, follow the selections and the staking plan to the letter, and give the system a fair chance.

Why Am I Selling My Each Way Wonders?

A very serious and probably the most important question. Where do I start? Well, in a nut shell, I would like to deliver a genuine, authentic service in which customers can TRUST. The many, many services I have joined in the past have ALL failed on the element of trust. They promise you 'the world' in their sales pitch, with what turns out to be non proofed winning selections. Then suddenly when you pay your money and join, the winners dry up. Asking questions only provides you with the same old answer of "we're just going through a bad patch at the moment, but it always turns around. Stick with us (i.e. keep paying your subscription) and the results will get better." They never did and I soon lost CONFIDENCE in such services.

I am selling Each Way Wonders so that both myself and the customer can experience a joint venture of TRUST & CONFIDENCE in our bid to GENUINELY make a profit from horse racing.

Very few things in life are truly free, so of course I will charge a modest remuneration, which will be to the customer's long term mutual benefit. I'm not interested in a useless quick buck making service, a service only established to con investors out of short term membership fees, only to provide and subsequently abandon them with fruitless information. And yes, I do back my own selections, and make a steady long term profit on them. But as long as I am doing so, and as long as the information does not effect the best prices I can achieve, then the question should really be, "why NOT charge and share?"

I love to win the daily Punter v Bookmaker battle, and have no problems sharing that. The knowledge of knowing I can provide other people with a long term reliable, profitable service whilst profiting from it myself is very rewarding.

Finally with Each Way Wonders you will notice honesty, integrity and a genuine interest in your betting welfare.

...and I always repeat my daily mantra, "Bet with the head, watch with the heart."

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