Make A Second Income Spending Just A Few Minutes A Day Betting On The Horses!

Its always a dream of mine and through sheer determination and a lot of demanding work spanning over 25 years I have discovered a way of spotting horses that can not only line my pockets they can also line yours too!

I've been on the winning end of horse racing for many years and just recently I decided to expand my interests by helping others who wanted a slice of the cake.

I won't kid you, I don't have insider contacts, I don't frequent the races every week mingling with trainers and owners and I don't have a top secret system that churns out winner after winner.

My success at beating the bookie comes from full time work. Sometimes up to 14 hours a day! You see real success of any kind requires a lot of hard work and total dedication.

It may only take a few minutes placing bets each day but it can take many hours, sometime days to find all the right selections for long term profits.

Having the passion, time, experience and the knowledge are essential to success!

As I said it's a full time job but the rewards are worth it and if what I do can help you to benefit from horse racing, well, that's the icing on the cake!

That's the best news for you... you don't have to put in the gruelling hours everyday! You can relax and leave all the hard work to me!!!


It's easy for me to talk the talk but I guess you've heard it all before. All I can offer you is the fact that I have proofed my selections to BetFan and after making some substantial profit in that time I am now here today to offer all frustrated punters the opportunity to follow my selections over the coming days, weeks and months ahead.

The Bets To Expect?

My selections are both Win and Each Way bets. The selections you get will be the exact same as I'm personally betting on. I would never give out a bet where I wasn't totally behind it.

What Winnings Can You Expect?

You're here today because you love horse racing and the idea of winning money from it is very appealing. I know exactly where you're at because that's me. But when it comes to the winnings this will all come down to your available betting bank.

Do you like what you see?

Full Proofing History is available!

If you multiply the total points made by your stake i.e. £10 a point you'll get an idea of the potential profits that can be made.

Some members will bet less than £10 a point some will bet more. It's a numbers game and I hope by joining me you'll see your betting bank grow very healthy indeed.

Proofed Winning Bets Include...

  • Indian Affair 17.00 Winner
  • Limerick Lord 29.00 Winner
  • Noble Expression 21.00 Winner
  • Two Hoots 15.00 Winner
  • Dartford Warbler 13.00 Winner
  • Mr Scaramanga 26.00 Winner
  • Porrima 15.00 Winner
  • Lara Trot 26.00 Winner
  • Emerald Chieftan 6.00 Winner
  • Foxy Boy 9.00 Winner
  • Shyron 13.00 Winner
  • More Buck'S 11.00 Winner
  • Kastani Beach 12.00 Winner
  • Apache Jack 15.00 Winner
  • Houblon Des Obeaux 21.00 Winner
  • Some Finish 26.00 Winner
  • Paparazzi 17.00 Winner

Member testimonial...

Hello Betsence and BetFan.

I subscribed to Betsence 3 weeks ago. Brilliant tipping. Thursday did a 10 pence lucky 63 on his selections each way laid out 12.60 won 3,416.00 unbelievable. Will learn to screenshot and show my bet receipt.

Many thanks.

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  • 90 Days Membership is £152.00
  • 180 Days Membership is £257.00

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