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13th November 2021

The Daily Yankee

Hi ,

If you're bored with the run of the mill tipping service and want to experience some awesome winning days and big monthly profits then The Daily Yankee Club really is the answer. 

It's proving to be RED HOT and well worth your attention!

Yes we will witness losing days but the reality is that you only need to land a few winning yankees a month to make some serious cash profit. 

Well, that's what's happening here!

+834 Points Profit In Just 10 Weeks!

Are you making a profit like this with your regular betting? 

Not many punters out there are!

Ten weeks after providing selections to BetFan we had to launch The Daily Yankee Club. 

September made +250.63 points, October made +208.27 points and November after just 12 days is enjoying +374.62 points! CLICK HERE and get on these red hot Yankee's.

That's an incredible +834.52 points in just 10 weeks!

Get on before the next BIG winner ! Again, CLICK HERE and get on these red hot Yankee's.

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