Time Is Running Out Fast!

August 2020

Super Lucky 15


Hi ,

What a week it has been for Super Lucky 15 members! The profits can't be ignored!

If you're following Super Lucky 15 you'll know they smashed in a colossal 3,925 points on Monday in fantastic style!

I'm sure the members who were on the bet woke up in a bit of a spin as they checked their betting accounts for the day... WOW!

If you're not a member yet then do check out the website linked below and take advantage of the time sensitive HALF PRICE deal that will expire very soon.

This offer is limited and time sensitive so you must act fast!

When you take into account they also made over 200 points on Tuesday and a huge 657 points on Wednesday this really should not be missed!!!

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Have a great evening!

Best Wishes,