EARLY ODDS For A Pound...

August 2020

Early Odds

Evening ,

You have probably seen several Flash Sale emails over the last week or so and today we have another cracking bargain in the bag.

This time round we have the popular EARLY ODDS service that has made a whopping 1,480 points profit since joining us at BetFan. July is going well with +39 points made so far.

This follows a profitable June where the service made a healthy +51.83 points.

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In the minefield of tipsters this stands out like a shining star, it's genuine, honest, reliable and proven to win over many years.

Since November 2015 Early Odds has generated a very nice +1,480 points to 1 point level stakes. That's £14,800.00 to £10.00 bettors or a huge £148,000.00 to £100.00 bettors!

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If you're looking for a way to make horse racing pay you won't find much better than this!

Best Wishes,