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July 2020

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For billions of people across the globe sport provides a level of entertainment that is second to none. Fans thrive on the adrenaline rush of seeing their team score in the final minute or seeing their favoured horse win a major race by a neck at odds that are worth shouting about! 

At HOT WAGERS we get this and that's why we're here. We're here to help fuel the passion and make it a profitable experience for sporting fans seeking a bit of extra cash in the pocket from the sports they love.

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We love wagers, we love winning, but most of all we love sharing our winning intel with others who want to play a winning hand at sport!

Our team has some sensational longterm experience in a whole host of sports and betting strategies and between us this spans decade upon decade. Our contact list for additional inside news is simply diamond! 

Our current sport coverage includes, Horse Racing, Football, Golf, Tennis, Darts and Snooker to name a few. But, we're not restricted to just sport! Nope, If the bookie will accept a bet we'll be on it if the price is right and in our favour. Yes, we have very good ex-bookie in the loop who helps the team find the best value!

To win the betting game and not spoil the outcome of any sporting event you need to bet smart... we do and so should you!

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We offer a very reasonable subscription fee to our services and expect all our members to win much, much more than they spend with us on the membership. You win... we win too! That's exactly how it should be.

Our strategy never becomes extreme, we know what we're doing and will never get sidetracked. In the longterm you simply win or lose... we win and that's what you should be doing. Hot Wagers is a great opportunity to polish up your betting career.

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Give HOT WAGERS a shot, experience the knowledge we hold and most importantly enjoy the profits you will make with us.

Let's Get It On!

Jordan - AKA Blade