Lockdown Racing Success

16th May 2020

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SPT Racing

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The betting slip above is taken from a SPT Racing tip to its members!!! Wow don't you just love winning betting slips like this?

SPT Racing has been smashing in the winners yet again! Since February 2020 the amazing racing service has made a very enviable +651.77 points! 

They had some awesome winning bets with standout winners including...

  • Benny's Secret 6/1 Winner
  • Black Tears 16/1 Winner
  • Dark Phoenix 7/1Winner
  • Ask Himself 9/1 Winner
  • Trevess 12/1
  • Flow The Flag 12/1
  • Barbies King 12/1
  • Side Pocket Ben 20/1

Again, they have given members +651.77 points profit during what many punters would call a tough time for betting! Hello... that's a whopping £65,1.77 betting at £100 a point! Now that's some lockdown success!!!

Join them by clicking the link below...


SPT Racing has established secret winning pointers which are used to make their selections. These help them deliver several selective bets per day that fulfil they're winning criteria that's necessary to make ongoing long term profits.

This is a powerful winning formula that you can follow with ease, just a few minutes each day is required!


SPT Racing is the pinnacle of a long process. It's the end result of every system and methodology used over the years betting on the horses by two of the best in the business.

If you're looking to multiply your money from racing then check out SPT Racing ASAP!

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PS. Don't let the lack of racing stop you winning... just look again at the profits SPT are making!

SPT Racing