WOW! 2,330 Points Profit From ONE BET!

21st September 2019

Latest News | WOW! 2,330 Points Profit From ONE BET!
Super Lucky 15

Hi ,

If big profits to small stakes is your thing then you are going to love this!

Our No1 jackpot winning service Super Lucky 15 was at it again on Thursday with this huge winning bet...

Six horses - Lucky 63 bet

Morisco WON 1/1

Hammer Gun WON 2/1

Gobi Sunset WON 11/4

Encapsulation WON 5/1

Round The Island WON 4/1

Employer Lost 10/1

Five big winners from 6 bets and a huge one bet profit of +2330 points!

Members love it...

Biggest win of my life! Top work! Cheers Ben

What a great day, many thanks. John

This JACKPOT winning service has now accumulated +6,921 points in total!

Super Lucky 15 combine their strongest daily horses and put them into bookie bashing lucky 15, lucky 31 and lucky 63 bets, which are easy to place, and no experience is required.

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Super Lucky 15

Last September they made nearly 4,000 point profits so get involved as the next big win is imminent!

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