Betfan Group Affiliate Newsletter Issue 3

September 2020


Welcome to edition 3 of the Betfan Group Affiliate News.

Just over half way through November and things are really hotting up with some superb performances so far with SEVEN tipsters all with 100+ points and the top 13 all have 50+ points profit.

You can see the chart HERE

This weeks offer!

At No2 in that chart is Daily Doubles with +155 points and we have a cracking offer on that service this week.

Just £5 for 2-week trial!

Offer runs until the end of the month.

They have landed some impressive doubles this month with one making +142 points profit and the great thing about this service is that all bets are advised to 1-point level stakes!

Below you will find some copy and your affiliate link that you can use to get this straight out to your list.

Do you need any extra help?

If you would like to work more closely with myself and receive regular offers to mail out to your list(s) then please do get in touch. I want you to get the best out of being a Betfan Affiliate and make as much money for you as possible.

I have done this for other affiliates and can do the same for you so do not hesitate to get in touch.

email: [email protected]

Skype: rsm1571

Okay that is all for this week i'll be back in a fortnight with more great offers!

Kind Regards,

Nick Field

Betfan Affiliate Manager

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This weeks offer and copy: Daily Doubles 14-day trial for just £5

Subject: Daily Doubles Deliver BIG Pay Days!

Your Link:[AFFILIATE]/0/discount/857/gubu7yte/


Hi [intro],

If you love horse racing and like the idea of winning big amounts to small stakes then you’re going love this!

Today you can forget about fancy staking plans and placing 3pt, 5pt or 10pt bets etc with Daily Doubles they keep it simple with just 1pt level stake bets.

They have just landed another huge winning double...

La Cumparsita WON 14/1(SP)

Commander Won WON 9/2 (SP)

+142 points profit

A £20 double returned £2,840!

Daily Doubles has been doing this consistently to deliver an impressive long-term performance: 

You can take this service for a trial run with my specially arranged 2-week trial...just £2.50 a week!

Click Here To Start Your 2-Week Trial[AFFILIATE]/0/discount/857/gubu7yte

Every ‘Daily Double’ has to pass a strict process before being released, such as…


Past Performance,

Running Style

Latest Gallops News etc.

Now, of course not every double wins, you do have to be patient but that patience will be rewarded with some truly great returns…and not forgetting to small 1 point stakes.

Daily Doubles CAN deliver the big profits you seek but try it out first. Grab my trial offer and see what you think!

Activate Your 2-Week Trial Here[AFFILIATE]/0/discount/857/gubu7yte



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