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July 2020

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We bring you news tonight on one of our most exciting launches in years.

This is quite simply your very own racing goldmine with a full 6 months of results to back it up!

Over 1,300 points in 6 months betting to one point level stakes!

This is very unique and one of the biggest and best profit making opportunities we have brought to you.

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Every bet has been fully proofed for the last six months and the results have been absolutely incredible.

Over 1,300 points and an amazing return on investment of over 167%!

It’s a new concept that will ensure you back regular winners and make regular big profits.

Winners like…

Spook @ 9.00, Tadlee @ 7.50, Rochchasebullet @ 6.50, Moorlands Jack @ 10.0, Blakeney Point @ 13.0, Starlit Night @ 14.0, Set In Stone @ 16.0!!

This is an incredible opportunity that we urge you to get involved in if you if you want to make HUGE racing profits…it truly is a Racing Goldmine!

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