Undercover Tipster Hits Bookies Hard

6th June 2019

Latest News | Undercover Tipster Hits Bookies Hard

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Great News!!

The Bet Detective is your undercover tipster and he has been hitting the bookies hard!

This determined sleuth is a sports-hound to the bone, he's consistently sniffing out quality and sometimes quirky bets for exclusive scoops every day of the week.

Since January this sly old sports betting detective has accumulated +72 points to leave the bookies reeling!

£3,600 to £50 bets or £720 if you place £10 bets!

Even many of the bookies don't have access to the privileged, behind the scenes news and info that our investigative detective frequently does.

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Subscribers to the Betfan newsletter from January to April 2019 who followed his tips would have enjoyed these results that have been proofed to Betfan...

All bets to 1pt level stakes keeping this nice and simple to see how much you could have made!

The tips also came from a number of betting sports including horse racing, cricket, golf and both codes of rugby. Whatever the sport, competition or surface the Bet Detective delivered exceptional PROFITS over four months.

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Here are some of the bets he has uncovered and which have made him big profits…

    •    Liverpool to win the Champions League.
    •    England to be the Champions League winning nationality.
    •    Chelsea to win the Europa League.
    •    Tiger Roll to win the Grand National.
    •    The Tiger double Roll/Woods in the Grand National and US Masters.
    •    Wales to win the 6 Nations.

Check out every bet he has advised here

There will be bets seven days a week and they will be sent by email by 10 o'clock each morning.

These will not be your run of the mill bets anyone can find, The Bet Detective is a master at providing superb winners at big prices on all sports.

With membership available from just £10, it would madness not to take a closer look!

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