Weekend Special - Monthly Profits From One Point Level Stakes!

11th December 2015

Latest News | Weekend Special - Monthly Profits From One Point Level Stakes!

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Its Friday again already and we have something for you all for the Weekend, some very Special and Exclusive Offers from some Top Betting Services

Plus another great offer for you from Lloyd our resident Bookie Specialist

Here at Betfan we are always on the lookout for profitable services, yes an obvious statement, but they must also be easy to manage with no complicated staking. 

How would you like an average monthly profit of 30 plus points to LEVEL STAKES and receive a welcome income of £300 every month placing £10 bets? 

Thanks to Sam O’Brien, an ex-accountant who has been betting professionally for 10 years, you now have the opportunity to make simple, straightforward Horse Racing profits. 

No outrageous claims of massive profits by using fancy staking plans…this is simple to understand as Sam bets to straight win bets and one point level stakes. 

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(But wait for our Friday Special Offer)

Currently Showing Over 240 Points Profits To 1pt Level Stakes Since April!


Let me tell you…that is very impressive and compares much better to those who use variable level stakes, and easier to work out how much that could mean to you! 

£10 per bet = £2,400 profit

£25 per bet = £6,000 profit

£50 per bet = £12,000 profit 

Just look at some of his winners…

Blue Wave 22/1, Hazzaat 7/1, Snappy Guest 4/1, Stardrifter 6/1, Beat Goes On 7/1, Midnight Rider 14/1, At First Light 7/1, Captain Revelation 10/1 & Liberty Jack 14/1. 

To see the full list of results, click here

Start Making Monthly Profits From One Point Level Stakes...

Normally you can only join this service for a Minimum of 3 Months but we have a fantastic Friday Deal for you!

Get the next 28 days Tips from One Point Profits for one payment of Just £10.

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This Is One Service You NEED! 

Sam offers a disciplined approach and sensible staking by concentrating on win bets only and then staking one point level stakes. 

You will receive only a few bets a day on average making this easy to operate, taking no more than 5 minutes of your time each day.

Sam wants as many to try his service as possible, he knows the profits he can make, so membership is LOW-COST. 

But we have just made it even lower with our Special Friday Offer giving you 28 Days of Top Tips!

Even to just £10 bets you could be looking at £300 over that period…that’s a nice profit and your membership paid for many times over. 

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Sam means business, he’s not interested in one hit wonders; he wants to give you decent priced winners and regular profits. 

If you are losing more than you win then this is an opportunity to put a stop to all that right now! 

So take a look through all the results and his website for full details…but you must take action to Grab our Special Deal quick!

Over to Lloyd our Bookmaker Specialist for your other Weekend Goodies 

Weekend Bookie Specials 

Fancy a chance of scooping £250,000? 

Yes we wouldn't mind either and with the excitement brewing here at BK HQ with one of the most interesting football season for Years in full swing now couldn't be a better time to get involved.

This is a genuine FREE Opportunity to WIN a Cool quarter of a million!

That has got to be better than the lottery surely? 

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Have a Great Weekend everyone and good luck with your Betting, back with another great offer in next Friday's Edition.

Kind Regards