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7th June 2019

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Today you can place the exact same bets some of the biggest high rollers of betting place via the High Roller Racing Club!

If you're thinking this will be a premium price...think again!

By joining the club they are able to share the cost with a limited number of members making it affordable to the majority of punters instead of the minority.

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The club is in fantastic form and I don't mean the last couple of weeks...

+16.88 June (6th June)
+2.32 May 2019
+21.47 April 2019
+15.86 March 2019
-6.20 February 2019
+49.20 January 2019
+22.43 December 2018
+32.09 November 2018
-0.03 October 2018
+27.70 September 2018

That makes SEVEN months of profit form the last nine!

Yesterday...Three bets and TWO winners!


When you become a High Roller member you get access to these HIGH-QUALITY bets every day and at low cost, it really is one of the best clubs to join.

Don't miss what looks likely to be a big betting weekend, grab a membership today and get on the inside track!

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