Biscayne Bets: From Miami Beach To Racing HQ In Newmarket

3rd December 2015

Latest News | Biscayne Bets: From Miami Beach To Racing HQ In Newmarket

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Biscayne Bets has just gone live on the Tipster TV Platform and we think you need to see this ASAP before the clock ticks away and their CRAZY Launch Offer is gone forever!

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After meeting on a Miami Beach on holiday these guys now have two decades of horse race betting experience behind them. This will mean little to most of our readers but what should open your eyes is their recent live proofing on our Tipster Planet Academy.

Between the 13th September and the 30th November 2015 Biscayne Bets made a very impressive +350.55 Points!

Many a professional would be happy with that over a year yet they achieved this in around10 weeks!

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Betting at £10 a point over that 10 week period would have made a tidy £3,505.50! An average of £350.55 a week!

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Based near Racing HQ in Newmarket Andy and Shaun have their ears to the ground and have been proofing some spectacular winners. Just last month we enjoyed win bets like this...

Walaaa 8.00 - Courtown Oscar 5.00 - Union Jack D'Ycy 8.00 - Blades Lad 5.50 - Wilton Milan 5.00 - Presenting Arms 6.00 - Rock The Kasbah 6.00 - Dresden 9.00 - Bayan Kasirga 10.00 - Island Heights 5.00 plus many more!

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