Two Heads Are Better Than One

5th June 2019

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How would you like not one but two tipsters working hard on your behalf?

Mark and Mathew joined forces and pooled their incredible winning strategies together to make one awesome profit machine.

Since January they have accumulated +101 points profit, over £5,000 to £50 a point stakes.

That’s around £1,000 per month!

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After a superb profit of +41 points in May, SPT has started June in the vein with ELEVEN winners in the first 4 days.

Yesterday…One bet and one winner, TAMREER @ 9/4!

That follows…

Essaka Won 7/2, Danzeno Won 8/1, Squats Placed @ 16/1, Royal Cosmic Won @ 5/2, Soto Sizzler Won @ 9/2, Makanah Won @ 9/2, Indian Blessing Won @ 6/1, Aspire Tower Placed @ 16/1, Awesometank Placed @10/1, Vivionn Won @ 6/5!!

They have now made +115 points profit in the last 30 days!

SPT Racing have established what’s needed to find regular winners. These strategies have worked for many years and now work powerfully together to create incredible on-going profits!

Now you can reap the rewards by becoming a member and at a low cost too, from just £10!

In this form, you’d be mad not to try it!

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