This Has Very Quickly Become An Integral Part of my Betting Portfolio!

July 2020

Hi ,

I have been reading about this in a lot of places the last Few Months and decided to investigate for myself.

I have to say I have been very very excited by what I have seen

In early November I took a close look at UPC – Ultimate Profit Club, after being bombarded with E mails about it.

So how has it done?

Well let me tell you, this has done exactly what it said and gone from strength to strength, making easy profits since I followed it exactly as promised.

, would this interest you...

How would you like to achieve 75% plus winning bet strike rate?

How would you like to get bets the evening before racing, sometimes as early as 6pm?

How would like you set all this up on autopilot, just check back and count your profits?

How would you like to know that if you having a losing bet you will only lose around 15% of your stake?

I am sure you are intrigued...because this is very different to everything else out there; you are going to become a very successful bettor for a long time to come.

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Ex-Teacher David has been making easy on-going profits for years using this exact method; if it works for him it can work for you!

This will change the way you bet forever, make you bet smart, learning a way that has minimum risk to your investment and no longer will you suffer long losing runs and the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with it.

To give you some idea of its potential…

The Last 15 Weeks Has Seen 586 Bets, With 449 successful and massive strike rate of 76%

Since November 10th the service has produced 106 selections with 84 of them being profitable. That's a strike rate of 79% and to £100 stakes is £930 profit!

David himself has made over £8,000 in the last 15 weeks!

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So What’s Special About This?

What David can show you is how to go against the crowd, show you a different way to place bets, to bet with the utmost confidence, make regular profits and become a smart bettor!

This is the nearest way you can get to guaranteed horse racing profits!

You really need to try this – It flat out WORKS!

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Just look how easy it is...

- Horses are sent the evening before racing
- Easy to use, everything is explained in detail
- Fully automated by using my recommended free software
- Very Low risk, with long-term consistent profits
- Full on-going support whenever you need it

Look , let me be clear on this. If you can follow simple instructions (and there is a FULL detailed guide) keep an open mind and grasp this opportunity, you will have one of the most effective ways of making regular money from horse racing…it’s that powerful!

You really do have NOTHING to lose here. If you’re yearning for a way to make some big money with just a little effort then It's time to change the way you bet today. You can finally make some regular racing profits without the worry of losing your bank and it can all be done all on autopilot the evening before racing.

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This is simple, easy to do with the best support on hand to make sure you get it right.

So what are you waiting for, get on board today…you won’t regret it!

Already I see this as an important part of my overall portfiolio and can see me following this for a very long time.

Let em know how you get on please, I hope you area s excited by this one as I am.

Best Wishes,

The Bookmaker Insider

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