Betting Expert Shows YOU How To Make a Killing From Tipsters!

29th November 2015

Latest News | Betting Expert Shows YOU How To Make a Killing From Tipsters!

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Todays Betfan Members Newsletter is going to be handed over to Michael Wilding AKA The Race Advisor who has been working on something very special

We have had a good long look at this and as usual Michael is spot on with what he is doing!

Just give him 5 Minutes here and it's no exaggeration to say Betting Wise it could literally change everything for you .

Over To Michael . . . .


Tipsters are strange creatures.

One day you want to kiss them, the next you want to kill them.

The truth is, anyone can have a good month or two.

But very few tipsters can deliver long-term profits.

As usual, I learnt this the hard way!

Chucking money down the drain on the advice of a stranger who’d had a few good results.

Total madness.


That’s when I struck on the idea for Tipster Portfolio.

It’s a remarkable tool that accumulates the best-performing tipsters – and it churns out profit like there’s no tomorrow!

No more jumping on the next bandwagon.

No more betting on advice from someone who doesn’t really know.

Tipster Portfolio delivers you the tipsters you should be using.

And tells you the sort of bets you should be making.


It gives you access to a range of portfolios – showing stats for each tipster, including:

* Profits.

* Strike rate.

* Return on investment.

* Risk.

Take our Best Odds Guaranteed Portfolio.

Over the past 90 days it has racked up a staggering 1,276 points of profit.

Or our Advised Odds Portfolio.

Over the past 90 days it’s made 1,122 points of profit.

In fact, all our portfolios are firing on all cylinders and every one of the tipsters in it makes money.

So joining up to Tipster Portfolio must be a pretty easy decision 


Join today for just £4.75 + VAT.

And be part of the minority of bettors who actually win.

And win BIG!


Big Thank you to Michael for sharing that with us Today and the best part we reckon is that he is practically giving this information away!

This is literally Betting Gold Dust and can be yours for just £4.75 Today!

Enjoy the Rest of your Weekend 

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