How About This For A Winning Experience?

10th May 2019

Latest News | How About This For A Winning Experience?

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You won't make your betting pay by betting in every race or backing 25 horses a day. Forget hunches or hearsay you need to be placing sound, logical investments, but that takes time, which most of us simply do not have!

So, how would you like to have all that hard work done for you and receive 1 to 6 horses a day that you can back with full knowledge that these horses are chosen using proven betting strategies that make big profits every year?

Of course, who wouldn't want to win the easy way!

The aptly named Two Percent Club use only proven betting strategies, they have worked for years and allow club members to be part of an exclusive group, the 2% of punters that win!

Here is the proof...

Plus 208.59 points profit in 2019
Plus 641.07 points profit in 2018
Plus 396.55 points profit in 2017
Plus 200.46 points profit in 2016
Plus 860.52 points profit in the last 12 months.
Plus 71 points profit per month on average in the last year
Plus 1,459.97 points profit since October 2016

TEN winning months from the last 12
May +39.00 points and a return of 50%!

Recent winners...

Victory Wave WON 7/2
Valentino Dancer WON @ 12/1
Real Estate WON @ 11/2
Kalabaloo WON 13/2
Caid Du Berlais WON 13/2

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We don't think you'll find many tipsters with a betting record as good as this, if you do, add them to your betting portfolio today and power up your betting!

So, it makes perfect sense to join the Two Percent Club right now and start your own winning experience!

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