This Offer Is Ending So Grab It Quick

9th May 2019

Latest News | This Offer Is Ending So Grab It Quick

Good Afternoon ,

Time is of the essence as an incredible offer will soon be coming to end.

You have just over 48 hours to grab the offer!

Since December 2018 we have witnessed the phenomenal tipster Race To Win go about his daily business and show us how to make regular betting profits.

His record is second to none…

December 2018 +110.75
January 2019 +150.40
February 2019 +85.68
March 2019 -7.61
April 2019 +73.69
May 2019 +31.46

Over 446 points profit in a little over 5 months.

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To show you how regular this tipster wins and the kind of returns he is making look at the stats for April and May below…

April stats….

May stats so far…

Both months showing an excellent return on investment and impressive strike rates!

If you would like to win more regular then I would take advantage of this special offer before it ends and test the tipster for 7 days!

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In May the tipster is averaging +3.93 points a day, that’s £39.30 a day to £10 a point stakes!

Can you turn down an extra £275 a week?


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