A Huge +84 Points Since Launch 5 Weeks Ago

4th May 2019

Latest News | A Huge +84 Points Since Launch 5 Weeks Ago

Hi ,

On Thursday, March 28th 2019 we launched ‘HIGH FIVE’ after a very impressive proofing period and +103.36 points profit. I wanted to let you know how it has done since then.

In the 5 weeks since launch, the service has added a further +84.55 points profit and all to 1pt level stake bets.

That’s £845.55 to just £10 bets.

May has started exceptionally well with +32.71 points profit after just 3 days, thanks to these winners…

Plumette Won @ 8/1
Duckett’s Grove Won 18/1
Hyanna Won @ 11/2
Tigerfish Won @ 13/2
Zaaki Won @ 9/1

This really is value betting at its best and the winning form has continued since launch.

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Why You Should Really Consider High Five?

I’ll let the tipster explain…

With over 30 years experience I've got the proverbial t-shirt, I've been there and done it and I have earned my betting stars the hard way, 11 years spent learning my trade! We all make mistakes but it's how you learn from them and grow. I am dedicated, disciplined and passionate about what I do, I love this game!

I tell it as is. If you want 70% winners and no losing runs then you should walk on by and look for another investment. However, If you want a realistic way to make a betting profit and are willing to follow my advice and follow every selection I advise to the letter, I am extremely confident you'll come out a winner. Remember, if you win, I win too!

Every bet I give to you I back myself, this is my living. You'll back more losers than winners, yep that's correct, I won't kid you, but this game is not about winning the daily battle, it's about winning the war! My bets offer value, by betting at higher odds than I perceive to be their true chance of winning, we will win long term, as I have proven. You'll see from my betting record with BetFan, I do have losers but we back plenty of nice winners with most bets ranging from 4/1 to 14/1.

I bet to value and know that over a series of bets I will make a profit so every bet is to 1pt level stakes and to WIN ONLY. For me, betting is not about one day, or one month, or any individual horse, it's a numbers game and the true reflection of any tipster is in how much profit they make, not how many winners they have given.

Let me help you become a winning punter and guide you every step of the way. If you need help, just ask. I will always make myself available to help and advise you.

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I believe it's pretty clear that this is one very honest professional who really knows how to make his betting pay. They say “If you want to be a winner you should follow a winner” and that is certainly true here.

With 4 profitable months from 5 so far and a monthly average of +37 points, this is one of the best level stake tipsters we have seen.

If you want to learn to bet alongside a genuine professional, then this is the tipster for you.

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Enjoy the winning experience!

Best Wishes,

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