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14th March 2019

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Every punter should have in their portfolio a tipster that gives them the ability to win big to small stakes.

Today you can have a tipster that is giving the bookmakers a right old hammering.

Winners 15 advise just one Lucky 15 bet each day which comprises of 4 horses and backed in singles, doubles, trebles and an accumulator, 15 bets in total.

13 days into March and Winners 15 have already accumulated a HUGE +1,372.14 points!

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To say members are winning big is an understatement. Look at the recent record in full...

22nd February +80.42 points
23rd February +1.44 points
25th February +15.50 points
26th February -12.12 points
27th February +70.67 points
28th February +0.63 points
1st March +48.57 points
2nd March -12.62 points
4th March +74.84 points
5th March -12.00 points
6th March +471.69 points
7th March -5.15 points
8th March +68.00 points
9th March +685.25 points
11th March -11.00 points
12th March -12.25 points
13th March +76.81 points

WOW! In the last 17 betting days +1,528.68 points!

We have seen 39 winning horses from 68, a 57% winning strike rate!

Overall since February 2015 Winners 15 have made +4,215.02 points!

As one member states...

Thanks, winners 15 your definitely the best at lucky 15. With your winnings and my own bets yesterday I won £1,735 was a great day Gary Donaldson

Well done Gary!

If you want to join Gary and grab your share of these huge winnings then join Winners 15!

Even if you try it for a week, in this form you could cash in, it could be the best £10 you've ever spent!

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Be one of the next jackpot winners!

Have a great day!

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