Welcome to our Cheltenham 2019 Special

1st January 1970

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Welcome to our Cheltenham 2019 Special.

Staking Plan

We recommend you divide your starting bank by 100 to give you a 100 point starting bank for the Festival. (£200 Bank would give you £2 a point)

We will be betting on all of the races at the meeting over the 4 days.

You will be told exactly what to stake on each bet and the type of bet with stakes ranging from 1 to 5 Points.

Remember Festivals are very much a marathon and not a sprint.

So we strongly advise you to stick to the staking plan and use a 100 point bank, the key is where we finish after the last race on the last day


We strongly recommend you have accounts with a selection of Bookmakers

Some great offers are available here - http://members.betfan.com/bookies

This allows you to achieve Best Prices and we highly recommend you use Best Odds Guaranteed Bookmakers.

Delivery of Tips

The Tips Centre has been designed to allow you to log in and collect the tips during The Festival and is managed by Betfan. All advice will be posted by mid-day at the very latest on each day of the Festival.

We will also be emailing the information out to you but should the spam filters be working overtime you know you have the insurance of being able to collect your Tips by logging in to The Tips Centre.

Tips Centre website - http://members.betfan.com

If you have any queries or problems at all please contact us via

The Support Centre - https://members.betfanplus.com/support/betfan

Looking forward to a great few days.

Kind Regards