Six Months Proofing, Extraordinary Results

1st March 2019

Latest News | Six Months Proofing, Extraordinary Results

We believe we have found a powerful system for success and today invite you to be part of a horse racing service that ticks all the right boxes!. Reality Racing is a service that will deliver the Each Way bets that usually go under the radar for the average punter.

Reality Racing utilises decades of experience in the industry to find Each Way bets that produce the highest profit and value possible.

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Reality Racing has been a time consuming project. After months of severe testing, the service has created some extraordinary results that have left us very excited.

+116.18 points between September 2018 and March 2019

Think about it, at £100 a unit that's a tidy £11,000.00! Can you imagine what you could do with that sort of extra money? It's not to be ignored, is it? Even betting at just £50 a unit that would still be a welcomed income boost.

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The Reality Racing system will publish the very best bets available on the day. These are all one point each way bets and you can expect to average around 3 tips a day, which will take you no more than 15 minutes to place!

Look at some of the Reality Racing winners…

Southfield Stone @ 10/1
Cosmic Landscape @ 25/1
Kingston Girl @ 10/1
First Figaro @ 9/1
Noah The Ark @ 20/1
Sun Hat @ 8/1
Capriolette @ 8/1

All the above information clearly shows this is a long term tipster you can rely on. With membership options available from just £10, it’s a no brainer [FNAME]!

Make sure you find out more ASAP!

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