This Could Be Your Betting Lifeline

1st February 2019

Latest News | This Could Be Your Betting Lifeline

Are you struggling to find winners?

Is everything you are trying just not working?

Well, this could just be the betting lifeline you have been searching for!

How would you like to of backed winners like these in the last week…

Yesterday - Warrior’s Valley @ 7/2 and Ginger Jam @ 16/1

Wednesday - Indian Affair @ 16/1 and Limerick Lord @ 28/1

Tuesday - Noble Expression @ 20/1

Monday - Supakalanistic @ 7/2

Sunday - Two Hoots @ 14/1 and Dartford Warbler @ 12/1

Saturday - Mr Scaramanga @ 25/1 and West Coast Flyer @ 6/4

Friday - Collate @ 11/2 and Porrima @ 14/1

These incredible winning bets come from a new service we have just launched called BetSence, they left us gobsmacked with HUGE profits over a 6 week proofing period that left us in no doubt, our members needed to see this and right now!

In just over 6 weeks we have seen profits of +416 points from small stakes, it has been amazing to witness!

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This is like a breath of fresh air!

There is no hype and it has nothing to do with insider contacts, trainers, owners or being a jockeys mate, this is down to one guy's hard work for over 20 years and knowing how to spot winners at BIG ODDS!

Here are the facts…

    •    Plus 416 points profit in 6 weeks
    •    59.05% return on investment
    •    75 winning bets
    •    26 winners @ 10/1 or better
    •    49 winners under 10/1
    •    Average odds 18/1
    •    Average stake 1.76 points
    •    Biggest winner so far Holy Tiber @ 40/1
    •    Simple win or each way bets
    •    Full support 7 days a week

In December we saw +136.76 points and January was incredible with +281.08 points!

If you have been struggling to find that winning formula or even getting close to backing winners like those above, we would urge you to give BetSence a trial run.

Check out his amazing winners and all the service details on the website now…

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