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27th January 2018

Latest News | Get Your Racing Pack Today For Exceptional Profits

Hi ,

Four months ago we came across a guy called Ronnie and he wanted to prove how good a tipster he was.

Which he did and didn’t disappoint!

In just under 4 months he made an incredible +276.55 points profit and not a losing month in sight!

£27,655 in less than FOUR months!!

Then what he came up with next surprised even us.

He said “I don’t want my members to be tied into a recurring subscription”

So NO subscription you make just a small one-off payment…if you’re happy with the tips you’ll re-join and that’s how confident he is!

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The monthly profits breakdown like this…

January +62.46

December +92.79

November +42.00

Ocotber +79.20

Ronnie specialises in Win and Each Way betting with doubles thrown into the mix for maximum profits. And as you can see he does a bloody good job of it!

Good priced winners too…

Corazon Espinado 5.50, Back To The Thatch 4.33, Nonios 6.50, Spare Parts 2.88. William Henry 8.00, Deeley's Double 6.50, De Rasher Counter 4.33, Buywise 19.00, Pushkin Museum 7.00, Arnarson 4.50!!

This has been very impressive to watch and the profits show no sign of stopping…now its time to take action and get involved!

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Just choose the racing pack you want either 28-days or 90-days which is even better value and that’s it.

No more to pay unless YOU want to!

No losing months

Consistent monthly profits

Low cost

With a monthly average profit of +69 points…what is not to like!

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Best Wishes,

Tipster TV

PS. Remember no recurring subscription just a one-off payment and starting from just £1 a day!