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July 2020

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Advance Ratings is a modern, fully computerised ratings service that sends out accurate UK & Irish horse racing ratings at 6am every morning.

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It is the only ratings service that is blindly profitable to ISP!

That's right, you could blindly back every top rated horse in every race and make a small, but useful, profit to level stakes to ISP.

Now, no other Ratings Service can claim that.

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That's easy. Every night spreadsheets are created that show the historical results of the ratings.

You can take a look at one here... Historical Results – top rated horse

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You also get a ‘systems builder’, which offers you a very powerful way to build your own systems using the ratings. Or you can use some of the many FREE systems available in the member’s area.

However, I must warn you that Keith the guy behind this wonderful opportunity is only offering membership to a maximum of 200 people. That's just a tiny fraction of our 1,000’s of members.

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