Sorry Champagne Kid

19th January 2019

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Before I say anything this evening I need to say A GREAT BIG CAPITAL LETTER SORRY TO THE CHAMPAGNE KID!.  Who somehow didn't show on our results table last night due to some strange technical hitch.  Well done Champagne Kid for +14 yesterday and that would have put you into 5th place on our results list.  

The list I get is computer generated and so if you ever see yourself missing please please let me know as soon as you can.  

One of the main reasons we bring you the list is because here at BetFan we want to get the correct information out to you as soon as we can.

On to tonight then, I have the list and my technical bods have checked it for me too.  In the lead tonight we have Speedster with +45.79.  Very well done to them.  Please find below a quote from his service.  For full details please either click on the banner or link below.  

"Welcome To Speedster!

I am setting out to provide fellow punters with one of the most consistently profitable betting services available. I will be providing bets most days of the week so there will be no time for boredom to set in.

I will be tipping both Win and Each Way bets and my aim is to maintain a decent strike rate and a great return on investment."

Please feel free to get in touch with us with any questions or comments you may have on

Todays Top Performing Service....

Speedster +45.79


Click Here to View Speedster

Speedster +45.79 Click Here To View Service
The Master Plan +41.00 Click Here To View Service
The Secret Handicapper +11.50 Click Here To View Service
Trackside Steve +9.91 Click Here To View Service
The Horse Man +7.00 Click Here To View Service
Declan ODonoghue - Irish Racing +5.00 Click Here To View Service
Footie Flutters +4.92 Click Here To View Service
BetTwo +4.00 Click Here To View Service
The Honest Tipster +2.43 Click Here To View Service
Neo Investments +2.00 Click Here To View Service

That is all for this evening.  Tomorrow I will have both the daily and the weekly results for you.  Please gamble responsibly.  

Much love

Tay x