Easy System Portfolio Makes 1,000 Points To Betfair SP

18th January 2019

Latest News | Easy System Portfolio Makes 1,000 Points To Betfair SP

Are you fed up with losing? Have you had enough of the bookies taking your hard earned money? If that’s you then this is exactly what you’ve been dreaming of!

Female jockeys are just as good as their male counterparts when riding horses of similar ability, which has been proven to be correct, so why as punters are we not using them more?

Ten Very Powerful Female Jockey Micro Systems You Will Grow To Love!


There are TEN top female jockeys that you should follow today. If you had followed these TEN jockeys in 2018 you would have made over £9,000 and all from starting with £1 to £3 bets.


This is what you can access today…

  • Ten most profitable female jockeys (5 x flat, 5 x National Hunt)
  • One top female jockey turned a £100 starting bank into £4,453 in 2018
  • Another made +156 points profit from 39 rides last year
  • A female jockey who has a 66.67% strike rate for one particular trainer
  • Huge Betfair SP winners up to 168.00
  • Massive profits of +1,236.48 points to Betfair SP
  • Average 8-9 bets per week
  • All to 1pt level stakes

Big Betfair Starting Price Winners...

    •    Morning Beauty 168.60
    •    Eightsome Reel 113.09
    •    Super Kid 75.00
    •    Havingagoodtime 65.15
    •    Bernies Boy 60.00
    •    Bogardus 36.00v
    •    Montestres 31.25
    •    Embrun Mitja 30.00
    •    Monbeg Theatre 23.00
    •    Ange Des Malberaux 22.97

No Subscription Means More Cash In Your Pocket!

Yes, you did read that correctly. Rather than charge you an ongoing fee for the weekly tips we've put together a handy guide that shows you the ropes and allows you to maximise your profits, all for one very low payment.

Start using female jockeys to your advantage today and you could really CASH IN!

This is a ready made betting portfolio just waiting for you to put into action today!

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