UPDATE - The Profit Plan is Live in 24 Hours

July 2020

Hi ,

Just a quick update as promised on The Profit Plan launch date.

The site will go LIVE on the Tipster TV Platform in 22 Hours time (4.00 Wednesday) and rest assured we will send you an email at this time tomorrow to confirm.

Everybody on the Early Bird list will get a minimum of two hours advance notice on our other members giving you first chance to grab one of the spots.

PLUS - You will all get an exclusive discount offer which can not be seen anywhere else but will only last 24 Hours!

Interest has been huge and we have been inundated with questions about how exactly the concept works, strike rate, proofing and profit etc . .

I can assure you they are all hugely impressive figures and it will all be available for you to see at launch time on Wednesday.

Remember the beauty of The Profit Plan is that you profit during your subscription period OR you get your next period FREE!

This is exactly what you as our members have been asking for and we have a tipster confident enough to deliver.

Making great profits at both BOG and Betfair SP and with a 5 Month results history all fully proofed.

We do fully expect this new concept to sell out very quickly so please look out for your E mail Wednesday and be sure to grab your place before the doors shut..

Remember you will have a superb launch offer but it will only be available for 24 hours or until the sold out sign is up

Please make sure you can access your email at 4.00 Wednesday so you do not miss out.

Thanks for your interest and enjoy the rest of your Week.

Kind Regards

The Profit Plan @ Tipster TV.