Big Level Stake Profits From Two Bets A Day!

21st October 2017

Latest News | Big Level Stake Profits From Two Bets A Day!

Betting Made Simple!

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What could be simpler than placing just two bets a day to 1-point level stakes and making big profits?

That’s what you get with impressive Select Two Daily Service the two strongest horses each day.

This deadly duo is smashing in the profits in October +49.84 points…£996.80 to £20 bets!

These profits are not to inflated prices that are not available they are all to Industry SP making this even more incredible!

If you can spare 5 minutes a day you can CASH in too for just £3.75 a week!

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You will be backing big winning bets like this…

Thounder 2/1, Wait Here 4/1, Austrian School 10/3, Dynamite Dollars 9/4, Be Rude Not Too 14/1, Canyon City 5/2!!

And it’s proving so successful that members are loving it!

Hope it's as good as Select 2. Are you lot using it? .... if not, why not? It's paid for my Premium membership for at least another 10 years! Paul -Betfan Premium Member.

Big profits are now possible by placing two singles and double each day to 1-point level stakes.

Everything is clear, the instructions are so easy to follow and no emotion is involved making it ideal for the novice punter or an experienced punter.

Grab our special deal and you’ll pay just £15 per month, not for your first month but EVERY month is HALF PRICE!

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It’s so easy!

  • Takes only 5 minutes of your time to get the selections and place your bets each day.
  • Bets sent to you the NIGHT BEFORE racing
  • Use a proven strategy that makes profits at Industry SP (bigger profits with Betfair SP or BOG prices by 60% or more).
  • Eradicate long losing runs with a consistently high strike rate
  • NO huge bankroll needed, you can start with small bets.

If you want to stop losing and start winning, join Select Two today and let it make a difference!

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PS. Winning doubles this month of 14/1, 9/2, 9/1 & 7/2!!