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5th January 2019

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Good evening and I hope you are enjoying your Saturday evening.  I have just returned from a lovely evening of dancing with my friends and have rushed straight in to see who I have on my results list tonight.

Some regulars that I love to see and a couple of new names there too.  On top of our list tonight we have Lucky 7 Naps.  As always please find below a little information from this tipsters site.  For full information on this tipster please as always click on the banner or link below.

"My name is Michael and my general focus is on horse races with 7 or fewer runners. Whilst I've had a fascination with the Sport of Kings spanning many, many years my "Lucky 7 Naps" system has been making exceptional profits since August 2012!"

Just to mix things up a little I thought I would take a look at the service right at the bottom or our winning list.  That tonight is TWL Pro Tip.  Apart from a little slump a couple of months ago this service has been on an upward trajectory since it started proofing in September 2017.  A snippet from the sight is below along with the usual banner and link for you to click on to find the full detail including proofing right from the start.

"Welcome to TWL Pro Tip! An exciting, tried, tested and proven horse racing service that's sure to get your adrenaline rushing when it comes to winning superior profits at the races! Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing! It's every racing fans one and only dream and with "TWL ProTip" it comes with the promise of edge of your seat entertainment! "



Why not have a look and see what you think?  If you would like to get in touch with any questions or if you have some good news to tell us then please use the usual address of

Todays Top Performing Service....

Lucky 7 Naps +50.00

Click Here to View Lucky 7 Naps

Lucky 7 Naps +50.00 Click Here To View Service
NH Power +40.50 Click Here To View Service
The Secret Handicapper +14.50 Click Here To View Service
Footie Flutters +13.38 Click Here To View Service
Two Percent Club +12.00 Click Here To View Service
RaceFan +3.64 Click Here To View Service
IProSpeed +3.40 Click Here To View Service
The Inside Edge +3.00 Click Here To View Service
Dog Race Wagers +3.00 Click Here To View Service
TWL Pro Tip +1.00 Click Here To View Service
Unity Racing Investments +1.00 Click Here To View Service

I am off for a nice long soak in the bath now as I danced quite a lot tonight.  I will be back tomorrow evening with the daily and the weekly roundup of winners.  I am looking forward to finding out who wins our weekly winners list this week.  Please keep gambling responsibly.  Night night.

Much love

Tay x