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4th December 2018

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Betting only has to be as complicated as we make it and for Max at Easy Odds he has made it very simple indeed.

Three big winners have got December off to a superb start…

Rubenesque WON 13/2

Wandrin Star WON 9/2

The Twojumpa WON 16/1

All bets are advised to 1pt level stakes – what could be simpler?

Making profits like this has been achieved by Easy Odds since November 2015 - over three years of successful tipping!

Over 1,000 level stake points profit later they are still firing in the winners and the profits are still stacking up!

We have done a deal with Max and he wants to prove himself to you, so you can have 3-months of his tips for just 33p a day!

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Look at these figures every year has ended in profit;

2015 +119.07 (Nov/Dec)

2016 +594.05

2017 +194.72

2018 +181.95

Don’t forget these bets are ALL to 1-point level stakes and to WIN only.

You will receive 90% of the bets the night before racing so you can get the best early prices to maximize your profit!

For just £2.33 per week you can have a very simple method of making excellent profits – that’s extreme value for money [FNAME]!

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Early Odds has averaged +29 points a month since November 2015 – so lets do the maths and see how much you could make!

You join today on a 3-month trial deal for £30.

Over the next 3-months based on the average monthly profit you could expect to make around 87 points profit.

Lets say you placed a flat £10 on each bet advised.

That returns £870 – minus your £30 subscription fee equals a net profit of... 


You would only need to make +3 points to get your fee back!

That is some income and all from placing a few bets each day.

Take our 3-Month membership and pay just £10 per month.

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Top tipster review site Goal Profits also recommend Early Odds;


  • Goal Profits Rating
  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • Outstanding

We are happy to stick with our original “Pass” rating after witnessing solid results in two separate trials.

In both trials we were able to match the odds the majority of the time, so we believe the advertised results are realistic. There are no dodgy staking plans either, it's a simple 1 point stake per bet.

It's great to see this tipster is still delivering the goods and providing consistent profits to members. We can confidently recommend the service as a great addition to your betting portfolio.

This is without doubt one of the most consistent tipsters we have seen and to still be around after 3 years and making the same big profits year after year should in itself make you want to try it.

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